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Technology Shaping the New Generation

Technology Shaping the New Generation

Children are growing up in a digital world, so the technology is integrated into their lives. Toy laptops, cell phones and keyboards are available for children to explore the world and join their games. They may perceive that there are cameras, DVDs, electronic keyboards, CDs, computers, tablets, TVs and cell phones in use around, and as young children are curious and want to make sense of their world, they are willing to engage with them . Children need to understand when these technologies are used and for what purposes, so that when used with them, tell them about what you are doing, answer questions and follow their interests, will be supporting your understanding.

Technology Shaping the New Generation

Many technologies are very good to work with their children. Take pictures, find websites on a laptop, experimenting with electronic keyboards, test the functions of cell phones, they can be fun activities that give children an idea of the possibilities of the media. Activities like Social Media, visiting Movie Download Website should be in limit and in the Presence of Parents. At the same time, these activities begin to familiarize them with the skills needed to develop as citizens of the 21th century. The adult participation is key for children to understand the role of these technologies in their daily lives and to use them with confidence. There has been some concern that young children spend too much time with these digital artifacts, but that need not be at the expense of books, toys, imaginative games and other forms of recreation.

Children are not passive when it comes to making sense of the range of media with which they are. Very few children sit quietly when watching television often talk about the program, sing, dance, play, talk with characters or talk about other things. Often, children like to play while watching TV shows or make representation subsequent to the stories they have seen, sometimes using props such as blankets, brooms and costumes. Having these materials available, encourage their use and contribute ideas to guide them, will help them develop their imagination and their ability to create stories.

It has been shown that children three to five years get little profit from the use of the computer without the involvement of adults. You can encourage children to become familiar with children’s websites, stories and games where meaning see reinforced by sound, movement and color. These interactive activities are fun, give children control (supported by an adult) and show them that sit in front of the screen is not a passive activity. Always accompany your child when you are online and make it a habit early on to keep it safe that makes the activity more fun for your child and reinforces the idea that the use of the Internet is a shared activity. When a little older and more independent, and even if you know you are using secure websites whose shortcuts you have saved, always make sure the laptop, tablet, Smartphone or computer is in a family room when your child is using.

It is surprising how quickly many young children learn to use the keyboard. Give them time and space to practice independently and learn from brothers, keeping a watchful eye, will help test what they know and test new interactive strategies.

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