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7 Most Important Steps For Making Solid Social Media Videos To Get More Traffic

Social media platforms have become very crowded, fast-paced, and intensely competitive. As social networks reduce organic reach, seeing and noticing are becoming more challenging.

On social media, how can you get noticed?

The only way to go above and beyond the others is to maximize the power of your content. A video for social media, if you will.

The networks promote social media videos at the top of their feeds because they are so popular. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all want us to do more with this all-powerful medium. When it comes to algorithms and attention, it is victorious.

Video is your most potent weapon in the social media marketing arsenal. Here are some tips if you want to get people to stop scrolling and click on your social media videos.

1. Start With a Plan

Make sure you have a plan before you start making videos for social media or editing them using a video editor. All of these activities and research on your target audience and rival activity should be included in this process. Using any or all of these can help you create high-quality films that will help your campaign succeed.

To what extent do you want your firm to be known or get people talking about an upcoming product release? Are you trying to attract more clients, increase the number of visitors to your website, or increase your profits? Whatever the reason, you must clearly state the goals of your social media videos.

2. Limit your videos to three minutes.

Fewer people will see videos on social media longer than 15 to 20 minutes. You need to keep your films short and sweet while delivering value to your audience. It is time to get rid of anything that is not necessary and maintain what is relevant and entertaining with the help of an online video editor. If a video is not entertaining, educational, or enlightening, it is not worth watching.

It is possible to break down a complicated issue into smaller parts if you need to explain it thoroughly. 

3. Make a Big Impact Right From the Go

In the first few seconds, the viewer will determine whether or not they want to watch the video or scroll down and see something else. So it is advised to edit attractively with the help of a video editor. It is an excellent idea to incorporate your company’s name, slogan, or the product or service you are attempting to promote in your social network posts. Your opening should catch the reader’s curiosity and leave them eager to discover what occurs next in the story.

4. Subtitles should be provided if there is any dialogue

There is no geographic limit to the number of individuals who can be reached with videos. As a result, your video may be seen by individuals who do not speak or understand your native tongue. 

Videos are now automatically starting or playing without sound on practically all social media sites. Whether your video is muted or not, adding subtitles with the help of Online Video Editor will assist your message get through.

Most of the time, people view videos while multitasking or on the move. And they nearly always do it silently. Subtitles are essential at this point. The sound turned off will ensure that your viewers do not miss any action.

5. Try to Use Natural Light in Your Home

The quality of your lighting will determine whether or not your videos succeed or fail. Using natural light will increase your chances of success.

While you are inside, place your camera near a window or door so that natural light may stream in. Other ways to enhance light effects include going outdoors or utilizing an excellent online video editor.

When shooting with natural light, it is critical to have a sense of the time and timing of the shot.

  • Before sunset, the sky is awash in red, orange, and yellow hues. This is known as the Golden Hour. The colors and shadows look more subdued at this time of day.
  • A blue sky and a blue-tinged background are a winning combination for an outdoor image.
  • Overcast days are ideal for photographing the beautiful outdoors. Despite what some people think, the gloomy weather enhances the quality of the video’s lighting.

6. Make Use of External Microphones if Needed

In social media videos, audio is equally as important as lighting. If you use your phone as a camera, the built-in microphone may not be adequate. You do not want the sounds of passing cars and barking dogs to be recorded instead of your actual speech in your videos. A high-quality sound recording needs high-quality microphones.

Accessibility to the music you want to use is essential to the success of a video. In addition to grabbing the attention of those who see it, it helps to form their perception of the company and establishes a personal connection with them. Some songs may be used in videos, but not all of them. Alternatively, you might get into trouble with platforms for stealing private information.

7. Conclude with a call to action

As your film draws close, viewers will be left wondering where the characters will go from here or what they should do next. And now is your chance to respond to what they have said. Motivate the viewers to take action in line with your desires by leaving them feeling inspired and purposeful. You may add a call-to-action (CTA) after your videos using video editors.

If your CTA is excessively sales-oriented, consumers will be put off and leave your site. However, it is essential to recommit to the goals, operations, and investments that were defined during the planning stage of the campaign. 


Perform a content marketing assessment before creating a slew of videos to determine your most effective mouse traps. Use a suitable Online Video Editor to edit it according to your needs. These are undoubtedly worth ten times the amount of marketing they received. They will deliver 100 times the results for the same amount of work.

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