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How to Turn Your Blog Into An E-Book

You can find plenty of tutorials on the internet for the topic “how to make a blog”, But today I’m gonna show you how to convert your existing blog into an E-Book.

How can I convert my blog into a book?

By using the website blogbooker.com you can convert your WordPress, blogger or Livejournal blog into an E-book absolutely free. It gives you outstanding quality of PDF book which allows you to get a hard copy of your blog/journal. But the front & back cover of your book has to be designed by you.

How to Convert WordPress Blog into an E-book?

Step-1: In the very first step we need an export copy of your blog, which will be in .xml format.

Step-2: Open this page & fill the required options, then click on “create your blog book”

Step-3: Download your Blog Book!

How to Convert Blogger Blog into an E-book?

Step-1: To convert your Blogger Blog into an E-book you need to Export your blog.

Step-2: Ones you have a .xml(export) copy of your blog, visit this site and fill the required options then click on “create your blog book”

Step-3: Download your Blog Book!

How to Convert Livejournal Blog into an E-book?

Step-1: Open this page

Step-2: Enter user name & password which you use on Livejournal (you can change your password immediately for security)

Step-3: Select the blog post’s duration &  paper size

Step-4: Click on “create your LJbook”

Step-5: Download the Blog Book :-)

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