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Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

5 Effective Web Design Tips to Boost Conversions

Your website gives away the key information and content about your business or service. The information you upload as content holds the crucial facts that attract the audience. But there is something that comes before the content which instantly connects the audience. It is the website design that makes the first impression.

Web design and the overall look of your website make an impact on the conversion rate. You may ask, how can a design be so influencing?

Well, it all lies in the psychology of the web user. Anyone who visits your page for the first time initially notices the design and layout. If they dislike it, chances are, they will exit the page quickly! It is a clear fact, and you can check it practically.

Here are some ways to help you boost the conversion rates through a mindful design pattern. Take a look to understand better:-

    1. UX is the key

    UX or user experience is the prime factor in successful conversions. Think from a practical point, if you visit a website and do not have a smooth navigating experience, would you trust the brand? The answer is a clear no. Similarly, when you design your website, make the UX design better so that even a first-time visitor gets impressed.

    Smooth page loads, prominent headings, clean content representation, and every other aspect play a significant part.

    1. Make it smartphone-friendly

    Currently, about 70% of internet users access the net through their smartphones. It is possible to browse through every website through a smartphone device. The generated traffic on your page through SEO implementations comprises a large section of mobile users.

    You have to make your web design more responsive for the audience using a smaller screen. The simple format of the page that holds completely inside the mobile screen eases a mobile user’s experience. Click buttons that are easily visible and do not require a zoom-in act as a great influencer for a high conversion rate.

    1. Understand the pattern

    Certain visual patterns impact the conversion rate. The F-pattern is a common term which you will hear from any professional. Any user who visits a page starts to move their eyes on the page following a left to right pattern. The top-left corner attracts the eyes mostly where you should keep the key content.

    The four corners of your page are crucial for holding information and important click buttons. Naturally, any user notices these points to navigate through the page. If they can find what they need in these areas, the chances of conversion automatically get higher.

    1. A strong call to action buttons

    CTA buttons are the gateway for any successful conversion. Every single feature matters; the way you place it, the font you use, and the color you put on it! It is the initiating button for conversion. Usually, the top three colors that generate the most clicks are:-

    • Red
    • Green
    • Orange

    Keep the CTA short and crisp with a bold font that attracts the eyeballs right away. Improve your CTA button and get higher conversion rates.

    1. Simple and subtle

    A simple design layout that the user can follow easily is the key to successful conversions. Images are highly useful for such cases. Images direct the users as an image is easier to comprehend than text.

    Put subtle media elements in the page design to drive the user to increase the conversion chance. Create curiosity in their minds with useful content, so the generated traffic stays on the page out of genuine interest.

    Go for an overall impact

    All these five ways function distinctly but generate the same outcome. Increase your conversion chances smartly by going for a simple yet effective web design layout. Attract the traffic to the page with small but powerful features. Make their interest grow in your offerings with better design ideas.

    Summing up the points

    Include effective alterations and web-designing ways with the help of professional experts. Fetch the best conversion outcome with pro-knowledge.

Mandeep Singh, the founder of SEO Discovery, the leading SEO implementations company is an experienced campaigner in the field of SEO marketing and the arena of digital selling.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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