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Importance of Directory Submissions

Every small or big online business needs a good online visibility to get some business online. And, it takes time. Directory Submission is an old technique and still a great way to increase online visibility, drive traffic and backlinks for the website.

Directory Submission

We all know the importance of backlinks for a website in order to get good positioning in major Search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing. Directories Submission is the best & easiest source to get more one way links for the website which always takes a lot of time and effort.

Submission in the business directories is the first step in building reputation for any website. There are many (thousands of…) free web directories available on net in which we can have our website listings with desire Title and Description. We just have to choose our relevant category in it.

“Directory submission” is a best website link building strategy that shouldn’t be ignored by any website. However, we cannot expect a great traffic from a directory submission but still we can get an extra one way link for our website.

How it works?

The process is simple but time consuming and you should be carefully done. Follow these steps –

  1. Make a useful Title and Description for your website with the relevance of your targeted keywords.
  2. Go to the web directory and choose your most relevant category. This is because to get the relevant back link for your website and categorization for your website.
  3. Put your website Title, Description, URL and related keywords in the submission form and submit it.

You should go for the regional directories first which can be highly useful if your business targets a local audience. There are many web directories too, which needs a registration before the submission of your website.

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