Top 10 White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All the search engines have some algorithms. These algorithms come into play when we search for something and it finds out the most relevant webpage for the user. These algorithms show the webpage with the highest ranking first. Then with a  decrease in raking the quality of content in webpage keep on decreasing. Search engines count on various elements while ranking a page with algorithms. Some of these usual factors are relevance, trustworthy, security, popular.


White hat SEO is an approach to improve the ranking of a website. These are techniques can be followed to ameliorate the rank of a webpage on a searchengine. Also,  it uncompromisingly follows all the rules and regulations of a search engine.  Those who aim to make a long-term speculation on their website focus more on white head SEO techniques.

There are so many techniques that can be adopted to improve the rank of a webpage. But not all of them are acceptable. Some of them harm the SEO such techniques are called Black Hat techniques. Such techniques should not be in practice. Unlike this, White Hat doesn’t hurt the rules and regulation of any SEO. Receiving links from a trusty genuine website helps to improve ranking.

Here, are some major and successful techniques for white head SEO link building.

  1. Integrate your website’s popularity by affiliation links

affiliation links

            The easiest way to achieve improved ranks is by asking people to link your website on their page. Think about the people from your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else you know who have their own webpage or blogs. Ask them to link your website on their pages. You can also link their website on your webpage. This way both can grow. Search engines put such websites with more linking on higher orders. You can also ask big popular websites to approve your material and link your website with them. Increase your circle in this field and link more for better ranking.

  1. Link Mentioned

            There are few web pages which review another webpage and for any other reason can mention your website but won’t link it. They do it for analyzing, recommendation and reviews. Just go through all such sites, make a list and ask the host for a link back to your website. You can ask it without any hesitation because they are showing something you offered. Also, keep checking such websites which are writing about your good or bad.  This will also improve your networking opportunities.

  1. Entering Directories

            There are many websites online which are business-oriented. Where you can create your business profile for improvement of your ranking. Search engine tools also refer such websites during ranking process. Websites with business profiles usually ranked higher by search engines. So, for that purpose create your business profiles and link them to your website.

  1. Endorse your website

To prove the trustworthiness of your website go for endorsing and reviewing. Many websites allow you to write about their product. If you have tried and testified their product you can review or comment on them and in return, they will mention your link on their website. This helps both the websites. Go for highly popular brands and review them and in return, you can ask them to link your website on their page.

  1. Guest Blogging

This is one of the most trending techniques these days. Many of the websites offer occasionally to write about them in their blog area. Find such website and tell them you are a constant reader. While writing about them in their blog area you can advertise your website too. Mention about good things about your website in “About the Author” section. Also, you can link your website there. Later, you can share that on your webpage, once they published it.


Be creative and easy about the visuals on their website. Readers like to read easy things. Use of bright colors, animations, videos, GIFs can do the thing for your website. Try to comfort your readers with something they can relate to and add some humor.

  1. Internal links

Internal links are linking a webpage to another webpage of the same website. Search engine counts these links as any other link and counts for the improvement in the rank of your website. This way view boost also increases as old blogs also get a chance to be read again.

  1. Be consistent about your Blog entries

Be consistent

Don’t forget about the quality of your work. Keep it creative and regular. Cover as much material as you can. The blog is a great opportunity to write about so many stuff. Also more content adds to the improvement of rank. So, be regular.

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission

The web pages which bookmarked on bookmarking websites earn good rankings. Find a good bookmarking website and submit your website for bookmarking. It is an easy way to get more links.

  1. Business Listing

Find local directories and list your business there. This way you can get more backlinks. For a business listing, there are so many local directories on the internet. This way you can get more backlink and visibility.


These are all the genuine and valid options you can go for high rankings of your webpage. Networking and linking are important but never compromise with the quality of your work. Only choose White hat techniques over the Black hat and respect the rules and regulations of search engines.

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