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Top 10 Websites to Earn Rewards Online

Everyone desire to have some extra stream of income, but the issue is that they don’t have enough time or additional skills. Wouldn’t it be great to be familiar with easy and simple ways to earn money over the internet?

We are going to explain different websites that allow users to earn rewards in this article. You will need to make accounts and register yourself on these websites before you can begin making money by performing easy tasks such as playing games, giving referrals to your friends, completing surveys, shopping, and engaging in other fun activities.

You can easily earn up to $15 or more in an hour while sitting on your cosy couch, depending on the kind of work that you do. It’s interesting to note that these websites don’t charge you anything, and you won’t even be asked to make a deposit or pay a fee. As a reward, certain websites will give you gift cards or great things to choose from. You can use these gift cards to shop online at well-known retailers using various online platforms.

Following are some interesting websites that you should explore to earn some money or gifts with minimum effort:

⤷ Mr. Rebates

⤷ Panel Place

⤷ Earnably

⤷ Zoombuck

⤷ FreeCash

⤷ Points2Shop

⤷ Smiley 360

⤷ Fusion Cash

⤷ YSense


⤷ CrowdTap


⤷ InboxDollars

⤷Survey Junkie

Mr. Rebates:

If you are a person who loves shopping a lot, then you should visit this website. It works on the process of cashback. Initially, it gives you $5 on successful signup, and you are required to have a PayPal account to collect your rewards.

Mr. Rebates offers you a wide range of categories from which you can shop, such as hotel bookings, gifts, household items, groceries, clothing, and many others. It allows you to earn the cashback with the help of a link that is a referral to Mr. Rebate.

It is partnered with successful shopping brands and marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Hotels.com, Groupon, etc. You can select the desired store and make a purchase. As a return, we receive a cashback as a reward.

Panel Place:

PanelPlace is a trustworthy reward site that allows you to make money by completing various online surveys. It offers other digital and business products like Grammarly, ExpertRating, Marriott, etc.

It offers you various surveys from trusted companies, and you can easily earn up to $15 per hour on successful completion of a survey. You can seamlessly register yourself on this website by providing your country name and email address.

It gives you full authority to select a survey of your interest offered by different companies. PanelPlace is one of the simplest websites that encourages you to complete the survey and start earning quickly by providing little information.


Earnably is another award-earning platform that offers you various interesting and entertaining ways to earn digital rewards and cashback. You can watch videos, take surveys, and complete the various tasks to earn the reward. It allows you to collect many points in a minimum timeframe that you can convert into quick cash rewards or gift cards.

It is partnered with famous companies and brands like PayPal, Amazon Domino’s, Facebook, Airbnb, BestBuy, Wholefoods, StubHub, and many others. The best feature of this website is that it gives you the option to share your referral link with your family and friends, which permanently receive 10% of their earnings.


What if I tell you that you can make money by watching TV or listening to the radio? You would be surprised and in a great shock. Zoombuck is a website that allows you to earn rewards and gift cards by watching videos, taking surveys, listening radio, and completing other easy tasks.

It allows you to collect the points as a reward that you can convert into physical products and gift cards of famous brands. You are required to create a free account and start earning the reward. Zoombuck has partnered with famous brands and companies and helps you earn rewards easily.


One of the top websites for making money online is freecash.com. You can make money by doing activities, signing up for offers, or playing games. People have already made over $5M. Freecash guarantees you not just the highest payouts, instant cashouts, or low withdrawal minimums, but also a clear, contemporary, and user-friendly design, active direct support, featured offers (deals that have dependable payouts), and worldwide signups.

You may instantly withdraw your money using PayPal, digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Doge, and gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, and Xbox. Free cash also provides a number of additional withdrawal options, such as purchasing skins for the most well-known video games, such as CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, or Valorant.


Points2Shop is another website in this category that permits you to earn points by completing the tasks, taking the surveys, downloading the various mobile applications, and referring friends.

You can easily convert your points into gift cards, cash back, and other digital rewards. It allows you to integrate your different cash accounts like PayPal, Dwolla, Direct deposit, etc. You can easily create an account and get the $5 initially.

Smiley 360:

Manufacturers across the globe are making innovative products and want honest feedback from consumers. Smiley 360 is a website that allows you to create a profile based on your interest and lifestyle, and you receive a product from manufacturers.

You are required to use the products and provide honest feedback to your friends, followers, and other community members. In return, you receive the rewards and even participate in further discussions.

Fusion Cash:

Fusion Cash is a famous reward-earning website that offers you simple ways to earn rewards. You can receive cash back and gift cards by watching the videos. It further allows you to complete the surveys of the famous companies and shop from your favourite brands. You can also take the various online tasks and send referral links to your friends.


An effective technique to get money online is to take surveys. You can discover a business that provides this kind of job online. You must complete the survey form or write an evaluation of the good or service in an online survey that the business employs to market something other than its goods.

ySense offers more online income streams in addition to surveys. You may get money on ySense by doing surveys, completing tasks, and making referrals. It offers you a variety of ways to gain money. Also, it is a free opportunity to make money. Furthermore, there is a referral scheme and an excellent cash-out system.


PINCHme collaborates with a wide range of respected producers, including Unilever, L’Oreal, Kellogg’s, and Kraft. With hundreds of thousands of users, the website is one of the biggest online communities. A member profile can be made quickly and easily for free.

A PINCHme member gets presented with a variety of products on the website once every week. Each participant can choose the precise sample they desire. After that, customers are urged to offer input to the manufacturer in question so that they may better understand who their target customer is and develop a better product. When a PINCHme member loves the sample, the “Buy Now” option on the website helps retailers.


You may try product samples or party kits from several well-known companies, like Hershey’s, Hidden Valley, Kellogg’s, Neutrogena, and many more, when you sign up for CrowdTap. You only need to respond to a few questions from companies about the goods you enjoy.

You can sign up for the website using Facebook. Users can also sign up for a “brand crowd” where they can accumulate points and enter monthly drawings for gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc.


The most well-known rewards website, Swagbucks, offers users cash prizes in addition to FREE goods for completing a range of online tasks. It is among my favourite sites for prizes as well. By completing offers, shopping, answering surveys, etc., you can get free goods.

You will accumulate SwagBucks (SB) when you finish certain tasks, which they refer to as. You may then trade your Swagbucks for gift cards to many other retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, and many others.

InboxDollars is consistently ranked among the most popular survey sites around.


In order to sign up for InboxDollars, you need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States. But once you’ve created a free account with InboxDollars, which will give you a $5 sign-up bonus, you’ll be able to make money by doing the following:

  • Participating in surveying
  • Playing games
  • Earn cash back by doing your shopping online.
  • Observing video content
  • Using scratch-off lottery tickets to win prizes

In addition, there is a section for online discounts and daily polls that pay out some amount of money.

When compared to shopping platforms such as Rakuten, which has several thousand retail partners, the online shopping portal is not as robust. To this day, though, shopping at stores such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart can still earn you money in a dependable manner.

When compared to other survey sites, the minimum payout requirement of $30 on InboxDollars is very high. However, you can reach this number a little bit quicker by taking advantage of the sign-up incentive and the many earning opportunities rather than simply responding to paid surveys. You can choose to cash in your rewards through PayPal or by cheque, and this allows you the flexibility to spend them any way you like.

Survey Junkie:

It’s not easy to discover a service that’s better than Survey Junkie if all you want to do is get money by responding to internet surveys. If you are at least 13 years old and reside in the United States, Australia, or Canada you are eligible to sign up for Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie is unlike like other survey websites in that it only allows you to make money by taking surveys. As a result, there are no games or online shopping prizes available. Despite its limited scope, Survey Junkie’s success can be attributed to its uncomplicated design. Once you are signed up, you are asked to answer a demographic questionnaire to assist Survey Junkie to match you to appropriate surveys. After that, you’ll get opportunities to participate in surveys on your homepage.

The amount of time that is estimated to be required in addition to payment is displayed in surveys. This allows you to select surveys that are worthwhile to you, and the payment range for most surveys is between $0.25 and $2 after completion.

Survey Junkie has a low withdrawal threshold of merely $5, which means that you can theoretically cash out after only a day or two of using the site. PayPal, direct bank transfers, and free gift cards to merchants such as are some of the methods for receiving your rewards.

If you are solely interested in taking surveys for the purpose of making money, Survey Junkie is the best website for you to use because it has a minimum payment criterion and a system that matches you with surveys.


This kind of reward-earning website enables users to gain additional income with comparatively little work and complication. These websites do not ask for any sort of preliminary financial investment or deposit to join. You may sign up for these sites in a matter of minutes and immediately begin working on the tasks to receive prizes

Author’s Bio: Prior to his famous writing career, Zack was a tech-freak and got his relative degree from a renowned university in the USA. Right from childhood, he was interested in opening up the toys and replacing their pieces of machinery.  Zack received an award for best robot prototype in high school. Later, he merged his tech passion with his writing skills and began writing for different tech blogs. Also, he is a professional swimmer and loves diving into the colours of life.

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