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Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives To Help You Make Money

If you are making money from a website or a blog in the form of click ratio, or through advertising, then you have probably heard of the name of Google AdSense. This is one of the best-known advertising platforms that Google has been able to provide to their clients, and it also ensures that most of the publishers will be able to make use of this distinctive platform due to the monthly checks that they have been receiving. In this advent of time, you will be able to look into the overall acceptance arena of Google, and find out that it can actually be difficult for the people that have already been rejected from the Google AdSense program. In this matter, people tend to look out for quality AdSense alternatives, which can actually help them to get the same kind of platform, and provide them with a certain amount of money that can come close to the comparison Google. So for those people who are not satisfied with the adsense or rejected from the Google Adsense, I am going to share 5 powerful and most popular money making programme.

Below mentioned are some of the most notable AdSense alternatives that you could possibly introduced to your website to make sure that you will be able to get the best possible advertising platform:

#1. Chitika

Chitika is probably one of the best-known choices that most of the publishers go for whenever they are looking for quality alternatives. Most of the time, people tend to realize that it can be a very hard agenda for them to actually end up making money, due to the fact that they do not have the advertising agenda of a lot of people, hence there is a serious flaw in the amount of money that they provide to the people. Nevertheless, in such circumstances, people also tend to realize that getting a certain amount of search engine query can actually prove to be the best possible visitation that most of the people will be able to encourage as well as get on a constant basis. However, there is also a serious flaw in this particular website. You will not be able to get any sort of revenue, until and unless the person is visiting your website from the Chitika search bar. It can actually be a very big bummer, and it continues to bring forward many issues, for this particular website.chitika-logoThe image below gives you an idea how a Chitika ad would look like:


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Misc info:

  • Minimum payout: $10 (PayPal), $50 (cheque)
  • Payout time: Net 30

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#2. Yahoo Bing Network

Yahoo Bing Network is actually collaboration between the Yahoo! as well as Bing search engine, which has been undertaken by the Microsoft Network. It has not become as consistent as Google AdSense, but continues to be one of the most lucrative AdSense alternatives that can be found in the market. Most of the time, the publishers prefer to go for managing the different kinds of ad units through this particular network.


On a grand scale, one of the preferred advantages that you will be able to find from this network in comparison to the Google AdSense is perhaps the ability in order to allow the publishers to customize the overall any unit, and to make sure that people will be able to get the best possible size as well as the color and the shape that will be able to blend with the respective website.


With this in mind, it is important that you get to realize more about the customization process, and it does allow the process of allowing the publishers to get in touch with keeping the blog in a respective shape. Currently, the Yahoo Bing Network is not open to the public signup, but if most of the traffic to your website is actually from the United States or Canada, or specifically from the United Kingdom, then you will be able to request for an invitation.

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Misc Info:

  • Minimum payout: $100. Paypal or Wire.
  • Payout time: Net 30

#3. Kontera

With a name like Kontera, the entire advertising agency may seem to be a hoax. However, in all circumstances, Kontera is one of the most reliable in text advertising model that you will be able to find for any possible ad unit.


You shall be able to witness the context of advertising models, and will be able to take care of the relevant keywords and phrases that will be able to get the overall analysis on to the hyperactive linking of the text advertisement. Most people understand about the relevancy of the advertisements, and they are actually looking out for customization, as well as altering the color and all the other aspects of the hyperlinks.

Here’s how a Kontera in-text ad would look like:


Even you cannot to the density of the text links, and even restrict going through the different kind the specific keywords into a text advertisement.

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Misc Info:

  • Minimum payout: $50. Paypal, Wire or Cheque.
  • Payout time: Net 30

#4. Clicksor

Clicksor is a new advertising platform, and it has a range of different types of ad formats. One of the most popular amongst them will be the in text ads that they have been able to undertake as the premium method of advertising through the network.


Most of the bloggers have been able to look into the sufficiently good payment terms, which happen to be net 15. This is more often like the ones that you could possibly get through some other networks, and much better than Google AdSense.

#5. Vibrant Media

The name of vibrant media is always going to come up as a notable and centre and a worthy AdSense alternative. In this respect, you will be able to generate extremely good revenue streams, and even respectively be able to degrade the different kinds of text advertisements, that are to be found within images.


It can actually work extremely good when it comes to the cost per thousand impressions, and you will definitely be able to look into the re-launching along with the integration of the different kinds of text advertisements that are to be found for your benefit.

When you face problems looking out for quality AdSense alternatives, you find that it can actually be the best thing for you to look out for such kind of wonderful alternative section. This enables you to actually get the best possible feasibility towards working in this particular Department, and get enough money for the blogging needs.

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