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Top 7 Tools to Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy in this world of high tech competitors. You are up against some of the leading marketing giants. So, you always have to look for some ways or the other to actually book for some of the new development ideas, which will help your website strong enough to compete against some well-known names in the market. One way to get there is by turning your WordPress website into its mobile version.

In the year 2009, the mobile internet population quite easily reached half of the world’s population! Thanks to smartphone and mobile internet packs, people find it not necessary to sit in front of the PC or laptop to check anything, when they can actually work on it on the go. According to a report from ITU, around 4.6 billion people are part of the mobile subscription society. In this mark, around 3.8 billion people are using activated mobile handsets and the rest 3.4 billion were falling under the unique mobile phone category.

According to the latest news flash from the BBC in 2010, there are over 5 billion active mobile phone users in the world, and this mark keeps on growing. So, changing your WordPress website into its mobile version has become a necessity these days. So, before you head for this option, let’s just get a glimpse of the 7 most popular tools, which will help you out in this venture.

1.    WordPress Mobile Pack:

This WordPress Mobile Pack seems to be the perfect and one-stop solution, used for creating the mobile version of the WordPress site. There are multiple features, making this plugin your utmost choice. It is comprised of a mobile switcher, which will redirect to the mobile version of a website automatically and help users to manually switch into both mobile and PC versions. It helps in the growth of email subscriptions too.

Furthermore, the tool has a standard mobile theme from the Ribot with some advanced ones from Forum Nokia. If that’s not all, it comprises of a mobile admin sector for allowing webmasters to manage a website through mobile devices.

2.    GinWiz:

A brainchild from InfoGin, GinWiz is a perfect option and it is known to offer a complete suite of tools. These tools will help in building an optimized mobile site for the small to larger businesses, publishers, and agencies. With the help of a few clicks from your side, you get the power to optimize sites for thousands of mobile devices. It is not just restricted towards smartphones, but can also create websites for e-readers, basic mobile devices, tablets, game consoles and almost all the necessary devices, which can load a website.

3.     WP Mobile Detector:

This plugin helps the website to detect the mobile types automatically, whether it is meant for the standard phone or the smartphone. After you have detected, it will load all the relevant WordPress mobile-based themes depending on the requirement of the handset. The WP Mobile Detector will also work well with the standard phone, which can load a theme with the rather less customization when compared to the standard smartphone-based theme.

  • It has the power to detect over 5000 various mobile handsets, and this count tends to increase.
  • It comprises of cross-browser compatible themes, depending on the jQuery
  • The installer of this tool will automatically configure the settings to activating the theme.

4.     Mippin:

There are times when you need to get a mobile application based on the theme of your website. If you are eyeing for the best option, then Mippin is the one to consider. This tool helps in transforming the desktop version of the website into a completely different mobile app. This happens to be a configuration free service. Once you have installed any of the cell phones accessing URL, you will be then redirected to the Mippin rendering of a blog. It renders quite well for every kind of phone type. Even all the iPhone users get the opportunity to render blogs faster and better than going to the direct PC based URL.

5.     WordPress MultiSite Mobile Edition:

This plugin is said to be rather compatible with the WordPress based Multi-Site. It works wonderfully and helps in running the current Carrington mobile theme automatically whenever a visitor visits from any of the mobile devices. This WordPress MultiSite mobile edition seems to be open-source software, and multiple developers have contributed to its growth.

6.     Mobisitegalore:

Are you trying to create your own version of a mobile responsive website? If so, then mobiSiteGalore is the option to consider, especially by WordPress developer. Through this tool, you get the opportunity to build a website anywhere you want and on any device. It comes with the simple DIY tricks and tips, making anyone a superb website builder within a matter of a few minutes.

  • It happens to be a responsive form of a mobile website builder with 100% DIY tricks up its sleeves
  • Through this tool, you get the chance to create some awesome SEO friendly online sites without even any technical knowledge
  • Within 15 minutes, your site will be up and live
  • Most importantly, this tool is available in 10 different languages

7.     Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin:

Another major plugin is named as a Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin, and it is used for detecting mobile devices through the closed library and not working with any of the third-party tools. After detecting the devices, it is going to tailor-made the website as per the mobile device automatically.

  • Unlike some of the other tools, this plugin needs no host to cover up the mobile version separately on another domain or even working with the sub-domain.
  • The plugin will help you to get the single domain name for the mobile and even the desktop versions.
  • It helps in detecting the devices and will also load the mobile theme.
  • You don’t have to bother about the transcode while using it, as the entire code is available in WAPL.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best tools, which can easily help in creating the mobile version of your WordPress site. This task becomes easier when you have the proper tools by your side!

Author bio: Brandon Graves has great expertise in WordPress web development and manage the html to wordpress conversion services.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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