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Try WordPress Hosting to Run Smooth Website

There are billions of users on the internet. Millions of websites are available in different niches. However, only a few users know about a product and how to choose the best WordPress hosting UK service providers.

Whether you are a new or an existing website owner, WordPress hosting is an incredible product for WordPress websites. If you are running a business or blog site, you must stay updated with stuff that can add up to your success and cPanel web hosting from MilesWeb UK service providers will offer you the same.

For instance, WordPress hosting is a popular web hosting service for WordPress websites, yet users go for shared hosting. If your website is a WordPress website, wouldn’t you want it to run smoothly and efficiently?

Shared hosting is definitely efficient, but WordPress hosting is made for the platform. It has more to offer to these sites. If you invest hours in installing applications, WordPress hosting saves time. It helps you download and install web applications with one click.

In fact, it offers features that enhance website performance and speed wise. So if you have an existing WordPress website on shared hosting, try to switch it to WordPress hosting.

Understanding WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting solutions are faster as WordPress site is a do-it-yourself website platform for all and you can do lots of customization, implementation, and testing on it. Basically, WordPress websites are constantly in the progress stage. With other functionality WordPress being expanded so much over the years. WordPress is always known as a blogging application for users today.

Building a website with coding is complex and time-consuming. On the other hand, WordPress is a CMS application that lets users create unique websites by combining themes and layouts.

Although WordPress powers the majority of websites, many are not aware of its hosting options. WordPress hosting allows users to host their WordPress websites on a WordPress-specific hosting server, ensuring a fast and reliable website experience.

It’s similar to a one-of-a-kind product that improves the efficiency of your website. It aids the website’s speed, performance, and smooth functioning. If your website is built on the WordPress platform, WordPress hosting could help you be more productive. In fact, if your investment is low, MilesWeb is the best hosting solution.

A varied web hosting company offers WordPress hosting services, but do you think they are all efficient and valuable? Certainly not!

Many hosting providers offer the same service, but MilesWeb is the only one that can do it at a moderate cost while keeping great quality.

MilesWeb is the best! When you compare it to other web hosting companies, you’ll find that it’s the best!

If you ask us the reason then know that they are the ideal hosting solution. MilesWeb has been serving customers around the world for many years. They are indeed the affordable web hosting solution in the industry. We all understand that quality items are more valuable than best-sellers. Similarly, unlike other web hosts, MilesWeb delivers excellent hosting services. They aim at quality over anything and assure economical services.

Key Benefits of WordPress Web Hosting Plans

  1. Servers are optimized for WordPress websites

If you have taken the managed WordPress managed to host plans, the hosting servers are specifically configured for hosting WordPress websites only. And with the managed server support, there will be no room for experiencing technical glitches for visitors. It means they will get a smooth browsing experience. And specially configured servers for WordPress websites mean they can manage as many plugins or features.

WordPress hosting servers come up with powerful hardware and advanced configurations. So, whether it is a blogging website or an eCommerce portal developed on WordPress, server configurations will support both of them without compromising on the quality of web hosting standards. Advanced hosting servers support the updated versions of WordPress and it is a good sign that users have the freedom to host websites with updated plugins.

  1. Makes it Easier to Use with A Better User Panel

In servers, managing technical aspects like domains, FTP accounts, and others is a challenging part. That is why WordPress hosting providers offer control panels also along with the hosting plan. One of the popular control panel is cPanel that many web hosting providers offer.

Such control panels have a user-friendly interface that gives quick access to manage web files and databases to users. Under one cPanel account, users can manage unlimited domains and applications. So, don’t you think it is a feasible hosting plan for your WordPress websites?

However, always remember to pick the right web hosting partner so that there will be no chance of getting a low-quality WordPress hosting package. We would recommend you to go with MilesWeb. It offers WordPress hosting services with cPanel and a 1-click installer.

  1. Reliability That Works for Users and The Performance

A top-grade WordPress hosting plan is known for excellency because it has reliable server configurations. Due to which websites get higher uptime and a good web presence. On the other hand, there are many users who look for cheap WordPress hosting providers to save costs on the hosting infrastructure.

As a result, they land up getting inappropriate WordPress hosting infrastructure that does not contain reliable solutions with good uptime. Therefore, to eradicate this struggle problem, MilesWeb brings the hosting plan with guaranteed uptime up to 99.95%.

  1. Everything Is Managed for Users

Do you have that much technical expertise to manage your WordPress hosting website? Even sometimes there might be server-related problems also will occur as an obstacle. So, what is the solution? Get the managed server support with WordPress hosting packages and let web hosting providers do the same.

In fact, all core technical tasks like installing applications, and software, updating servers, monitoring server resources and others will be done by a web hosting provider only. Will it cost more for you? No way, because MilesWeb offers managed server support plans included in the WordPress hosting package itself. Get it 24×7 without investing any extra money besides buying hosting plans.

  1. Enhanced Security

Running a website is good, but what if it’s unsecured? If your WordPress website is containing sensitive information, there are chances of security loopholes if there is no security layer to safeguard websites. This is where WordPress hosting packages come into the picture that protects websites through SSL certifications to all websites and domains.

Moreover, a web hosting provider protects your WordPress site from malware attacks and other intrusion activities. Even with managed WordPress hosting plans, users get access to premium versions of plugins that safeguard websites and applications.

  1. Automated Updates and Data Backups

Apart from safeguarding websites, it is also important to backup and update data on the regular basis. However, without having strong IT knowledge it is a challenging task to do the daily data backup and update applications and OS on servers.  To eradicate the problem of this tricky job, it is recommended to sign up for managed WordPress web hosting plans.

It is because, in such web hosting packages, the web hosting provider will take its entire responsibility to update and backup data. In case of any emergency situation, this backup will ensure there is no chance of data loss. That is why it is recommended by many web hosting experts to connect with the service provider and sign up for their web hosting packages themselves. All backup and update costs are included in their cost of hosting plans only. It means no additional investments are required for the same.

  1. Get access to additional features

There is no hard and fast rule that if you sign up for WordPress hosting plans, then you will get access to limited features. In fact, the reality is totally different from this fact. Users can enjoy access to additional features too. While looking at the webpage of WordPress hosting plans, you might get only limited features visible. But we would like to mention additional features name also. And with MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting packages, here are some additional features that users can enjoy with plans:

  • Installation of Perl Modules
  • Style and Preferences Management
  • Zend Optimiser
  • SFTP Access
  • WAF Protection
  • Cloudflare CDN with Railgun

And the list is plenty. Hence, enjoy access to such additional features because they add value to your WordPress websites in the form of additional security and maximum advancements.

  1. One-Click Installer

As we have understood that WordPress is a DIY website building platform, it requires no prior coding experience to develop websites. Thus, users require additional applications also to make WordPress sites more engaging and compelling.  And to make this task easier, MilesWeb offers 1-Click Installer with every WordPress hosting plan. In this 1-click installer, users get Joomla, Drupal, Customer support features and many others. To download them, users only need to do one click and that is it.

The one-click installer saves time for users and they get valuable applications in one place only.

Furthermore, managed WordPress hosting plans make website development tasks of a few seconds. If you purchased MilesWeb’s hosting plans, they have a one-click installer which means you can develop a site in seconds and move it to live and modify it with one click as well. Such features can be incredibly useful if users like to tinker with their site a lot.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plan

MilesWeb provides 4 different WordPress hosting plans: Tyro, Geeky, Rapid and Turbo.

The Tyro Plan costs £0.75/month after a 70% discount. You can get the offer if you buy for at least three years.

The Geeky, Rapid and Turbo plans, on the other hand, £1.2,£1.8,£3/ Month.

The WordPress hosting plans offered by MilesWeb are the most affordable I’ve found. You are always in a win-win situation if you buy for three years. Plus, WordPress hosting regular pricing start at £0.75 per month, saving plenty of bucks for you.

If you buy the Tyro plan for even a year, you will spend around £1.25  And it is so affordable for users. So, start your WordPress hosting journey by signing up for a 36-month subscription. It will create a win-win situation for you.

Features from MilesWeb

Free Domain

One free (.com) domain is included with every WordPress hosting package. If you buy it for 3-years, you are eligible for the discount. The usual domain charge will apply after the second year.

WordPress Optimized

MilesWeb provides you with a set of expanded capabilities as well as a server-level cache when you use WordPress. It will help to increase the speed and performance of your website.

Control Panel

MilesWeb offers the most comprehensive control panel for managing your website, domains, emails, FTTP, databases, and subdomains, as well as a one-click installer.

The one-click installer lets you download and install applications with just one click.

Website Builder

Each MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan includes a free website builder tool. Users can use the free tool to create a free website and customise it to their liking.

You can select a template from thousands of options and customise it using the drag-and-drop feature.

Free SSL Certificate

Having a free SSL certificate ensures that your website is secure. A free SSL certificate is included with every WordPress hosting plan. It will keep hackers out of your website’s data and information.

An SSL Certificate is essential. When a visitor visits your website, it appears safe and secure. If it says ‘HTTP’ instead of ‘HTTPS,’ you may lose a lot of visitors.

Automatic WordPress Updates

When you buy WordPress hosting from MilesWeb, you don’t have to worry about manual updates. Your backend software is capable of doing the job. The software will update WordPress to its latest versions, and the team will handle plugins and other critical upgrades.


WordPress hosting makes it easier for businesses to manage their websites online. You benefit from ready-to-use plugins, templates, and many other benefits.

MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting plans are all WordPress optimised. They are both quality and cost-effective. You can always rely on them for excellent service.

So, are you ready to advance your WordPress website? Allow MilesWeb to carry the load!

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