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affiliate marketing tips

3 Ways to Affiliate Success Highway

affiliate marketing tips

Earning five figure incomes in affiliate marketing is absolutely something not impossible. However, it requires a lot of work to get to this point, and the most important things you need to know about are these three things:

#1. Content

Your audience needs much content, and if you’re going to promote affiliate products by creating a blog, so it’s quite clear how content is important for you. But because of the fierce competition, your content must be of high quality to be able to attract audience and convert them alter into buyers.

In this part I’ll show you how to create your content creation system so that you can create different types content that solves your audience problems.

There are 3 basic types of content that you can use many ways to create engaging content to your niche market:

Type #1 – Text

This content type is the first one that comes to mind. It’s indispensable. People visit your blog to find written words. There are many forms of written word that you can use to provide useful content to your audience; here are some examples:

Blog Posts – Many affiliates have blogs, focused on specific niche market. The major content of any blog includes text.

Tweets – Following up with your followers by simple tweets is very important to keep your audience engaged. Many affiliates use Twitter to send useful links to their blog posts or new affiliate offers.

Facebook Notes – Having affiliate fan page is another way to connect with your followers and provide them with you exceptional help. People need value, and you can provide such value by having Facebook fan page.

Newsletters – Building email list is essential part for every super affiliate. Newsletter allows you to easily maintain a healthy relationship with you readers. The content you keep sending to them also builds trust overtime. This kind of media has a heavy use of text. As you’ll see later in this article, using auto-responder to handle your relationship with your audience is a very important tool.

E-books – E-books are a good way when you want to give a freebie to new leads in your squeeze page or in your blog to collect their emails. You need to provide as much value to your prospects as another way to build trust.

E-mail Swipes – E-mail swipes are another kind of e-mail marketing campaigns. Unlike e-mail campaigns you send to build trust with your audience, email swipes focused on promoting the affiliate offers. E-mail swipes are provided by vendors after you join, or you can simply find them on affiliate pages.

E-mail swipes typically look like this:

email swipe sample

email swipe sample2

E-mail swipes typically contain some basic sections found in any other e-mail message you send to your receipts.

#1Subject Line – The job of the subject line is to catch your audience’s attention and provide them with something of value. It should be strong enough to compel them to open and read the message. This is one of the most important part to boost your conversion rate.

#2Salutations – The body should always start with a greeting like any e-mail message you send to a friend, or a business letter. However, your greetings to your customers should be friendly and warm. If you want to discover samples of e-mail messages you can browse affiliate pages for most affiliate programs and check the samples they provide.

#3The Letter’s Body – In this part, you should find the flesh of the e-mail promotion. Here the promo e-mail are written by the e-mail copywriter who know how to promote the product and provide useful information your customers need.

#4Complementary Closing – Like e-mail salutation, you need to close your e-mail messages with a complementary closing:

Some closing samples: to your success, your dreams can’t wait another second, etc.

Type #2 – Videos

Videos are a good medium to transfer information to your audience, however, just a few affiliates use this medium, since it requires some investment, but it makes you more trustworthy and engaging if you used it as an affiliate.

You can find footages in stock image websites that allow you to create videos without many costs.

Type #3 – Visuals

People like visuals because they’re an easy way to convey information as well as they’re more entertaining than mere text. There are two main forms of visuals that you can use in your blog: photos and graphics. Photos are images captured by camera, while graphics are human made visuals. Both give a taste to your content and make your website/blog looks vivid.

#1. Infographics – This type of visual is a new way to convey information, like statistics, or processes that makes it easy for other to understand your concepts and figures. You as affiliate can benefit from this medium.

#2. Banner ads – You should be familiar with banners since you’re affiliate. The use of graphic design is very common here. This allows you to promote affiliate programs in a concise and visually enticing way.

#2. Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog is the second assurance to your success in affiliate marketing. Of course, it depends on the content you provide. The more prepared you are in providing quality content to your blog/website visitors, the more chance you’ll attract and keep your visitors interested and engaged.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog/website, and actually, getting traffic is no longer an issue, especially online. Your real challenge would be in creating quality content that adds value to your blog visitors.

In this part I’ll show you some common ways to generate traffic and the logic behind them.

#1 – SEO

Search engine optimization is very tedious to many beginners; however, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get traffic to your blog. Your goal is to create SEO content in your website, and try to get more backlinks to your website. The highest the quality of your backlinks the better ranking you’ll get.

But keep in mind that you’ll need some time to reach higher rankings, so if you’re more concerned about your time and getting traffic in least amount of time, then other options are more viable.

#2 – PPC

PPC is another form of search engine marketing where you bid for higher ranking. It works the same way like SEO. The process starts with keyword research. You must select a handful amount of keywords that allow you to reach your target market.

Next comes the bidding part. You bid on the keywords you’ve picked up in the first step. If you want to bid for the word “PPC marketing” then you’ll get a good ad placement for that keyword according to how much money you’re going to pay per click—your bid—plus other factors decided by the search engine, be it Google, Bing, or other search engine.

PPC is the fastest way to get traffic to your blog, and if you did other things right, your conversion rate will be higher, hence, the ROI.

#3. Auto-responder Software

Email campaigns automation is the reason why you should buy an auto-responder software subscription. As an affiliate, you can’t do email campaigns manually. You need software that allows you to send email message to new subscribers automatically, including promotional emails. Auto-responder is good in many situations like educational series.

As an affiliate, sending out educational campaigns is very important thing that your customers need.

Some high quality auto-responder tools are Getresponse. Getresponse is a great tool for beginners. It has some great features that make e-mail marketing more fun, like A/B testing, stock image, e-mail creator, e-mail templates, among other important features like list imports and a must-have contacts segmentation.

Other competing auto-responder tools that worth looking at are Aweber. Mailchimp, iContact, etc.

A good affiliate marketing course can go a long way in helping you master those required skills as an affiliate.

You can also start by visiting affiliate marketing blogs to learn the basics of affiliate marketing if you are not yet ready to commit to an affiliate course.

But don’t give yourself excuses to not starting your affiliate marketing journey.

Author Bio:- ibrahimIbrahim Dahy is a veteran internet marketer and programmer, worked for many IM gurus over the course of the past 9 years. Also the developer and the owner of Affset the affiliate marketing course.

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