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Shareasale affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing With ShareASale – A Step By Step Guide

ShareAsale is one of many CPA affiliate networks that are available online. It has 3,900+ merchants. You can find a lot of affiliate programs in various niches. It’s also reliable when it comes to payouts, so there is no problem if you decided to give it a try.

Shareasale affiliate marketing

ShareASale, unlike Clickkbank and other digital affiliate networks, deals only with physical products.

Why I recommend ShareASale?

#1. Simple User Interface:-

ShareASale has a very simple user interface. A newbie affiliate wouldn’t find it difficult to get around at the website.

Everything is very clear. Finding merchants and product categories of your choice is right in front of you.

When you visit ShareASale.com, you’ll find all the information you need in a well organized manner. This is because there is a good IA in place. The design is aesthetical and informative.

#2. Product Categories

There are too much product categories to make money with. You can easily browse them by going directly into the menu bars in the home page.

The main product categories at ShareAsale are:

  • Home and Garden – for people who want to renew their home furniture and garden, this category provides a wide range of home and garden products such as, furniture, rugs, lighting, etc.
  • Fashion – apparel and fashion are important for many people, promoting a wide range of such products could appeal to your target customer if you know the latest tastes and trends. Do your research and start promoting a good collection of fashionable, trendy products.
  • Green – eco-friendly products are important too.  There are many brands that sell eco-friendly products. There is a wide span of products that go under this category, such as Loom&Leaf. Loom&Leaf sells mattresses that are manufactured in a way that is friendly to the environment. (No off gassing in any of their factories) This makes their foam fully stabilized.
  • Business – This category contains many useful business products. Products for small businesses like huddle.com which is enterprise collaboration software that allows the entire organization to collaborate and increase their productivity. There’re also other useful business related products.
  • Arts & Music – students, artists, businesses or anyone else can benefit from this category. If someone is looking for art related supplies, like tools, brushes, scrapbooks, etc. this is the correct product category.
  • Family & Kids – you can sell a wide variety of products related to kids. They may be gifts, products of special occasions, kid books, school products, etc.
  • Food & Drink – promote food and drinks products.
  • Education – students are everywhere all year round, if you can help them find education relevant product, you can make a decent income. Selling education is also included under this category.
  • Health – Promote health products that deal with many niches range from visual, dental, and other health problems.
  • Sports and & Rec – sell sports products like jerseys and sports apparel. Promote sports tools. Discover how much people are interested in that stuff.
  • Wedding – Promote wedding products

You can find a lot of merchants in each of these categories. You need to do your research in regards to the commissions that every merchant gives as well as the pricing of their items.

#3. Various Payment Options:-

It’s up to you to choose which payment option you want to receive your money with.  Every affiliate network has its own payment options. ShareASale has 2 payment options:

Option #1 – Get Paid With a Check

Getting paid through checks is a traditional payment method that is used by many affiliate networks.

You have two options to receive your payouts by checks. The first option is to receive it through the regular post. This takes longer time, and the potential of not receiving it is higher.

The other option, which is more costly than the first one, is that you can receive your check through Fedex. This is much faster and you couldn’t worry about its loss.

Option #2 – ACH Direct Deposit

This payment option is highly dependent on where do you live. Please if you prefer this option, make sure to ask ShareASale about this option first, and whether it’s available in your home country or not (if you’re living outside US).

ACH direct deposit option is similar to wire transfer in transferring money from bank to bank; however, it’s not as flexible as wire transfer.


#4. High Commission Rates on ShareASale:-

Commission rates in ShareASale vary tremendously, from as little as 7% to as much as 60%.

img2 (1)


On these screenshots I’ve taken at ShareASale, you can see the expected commission rates in both of these affiliate programs offered in the network.

By browsing the affiliate programs affiliate pages; you can get a complete overview about their rates and prices. All you need to do to be able to access this is to sign up first.

#5. Product Prices at ShareASale:-

ShareASale doesn’t allow you to get access to their merchant products unless you’re already a member, so the first step is to go to their website and start joining the program.

However, in general, there are a wide range of prices for the affiliate programs you’ll find at ShareASale.

You can expect to promote items that cost as little as $10-$20. But, the beauty of the affiliate programs at ShareASale network is that most of these programs big companies who offer highly-priced items that could reach $700 or even more.

Think about how much money you can make just by promoting an item that costs $700 at 8% commission rate. This is a total of $56 per sale. Multiply this amount by 10 and you’ll get total sales of $560. If you’re able to generate just a measly 10 sales a month, you’ll be able to get this amount of money each month.

Of course, they vary depending on the price of each item and the total number of items that you can sell at different commission rates and prices, but just a rough estimate could show you how profitable are affiliate programs in ShareASale.

Promoting just a few items as an affiliate at ShareASale is really a great idea to generate steady income with just a few items, which is something absolutely possible if you followed a right plan.

#6. Geographic Coverage of ShareASale Affiliate:-

If you are not in the US so there is no problem. Anyone from anywhere can join ShareASale.


This is another easy way from people all over the world to try to make money online. There are no obstacles now to make money if you’re a mom or a student who’s struggling to find a job. Being affiliate is the easiest way to start making money from home.

Final Words….

Making money online is no longer an issue; you can start anytime with less investment and start making money in as little as one month. However, to be able to make big amount of money, this might need some learning curve along with experience, but the main point is to start as soon as you could.

Affiliate marketing offers beginners a great way to make money online, and an affiliate network like ShareASale can help any affiliate to promote his product and achieve high amount of sales.

You can learn affiliate marketing by visiting affiliate blogs and learn from top affiliates, many of whom could offer you extensive courses and tools to help you with promoting your affiliate products.

Author Bio:- ibrahimIbrahim Dahy is a veteran internet marketer and programmer, worked for many IM gurus over the course of the past 9 years. Also the developer and the owner of http://affset.com the affiliate marketing course.”


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