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How To Create Company Profile On Social Media

How To Create Business Profile On Social Media? Tips And Recommendations

The business page on social media is an important source of traffic and visibility. Support, advertising campaigns – everything is “tied” to social networks. Some do it very well while others, despite having thousands of subscribers, only collect about ten likes on each post. Many recommendations were made on the content and subjects of the publications. Today we are focusing on the design of the page. After all, you always have to “dress to be successful”. So how do you create and personalize profiles?


We will go from general to particular. To get started, here is a guide to the general rules for creating a personalized business profile.

  1. Each element of the profile has its graphic charter. It is better to prepare everything in advance so that you do not have to search for a designer. The design of a company page should include a logo in colour and monochrome versions (or more), company colours, font, and pattern. If you are a small business with a manager, accountant, and surface technician, you should at least approve the globally accepted version of the logo, choose company colours and font. Use them together.
  1. A profile picture (for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and a cover picture (for Facebook or Twitter). The brand logo on the profile photo (simplified version, without letters or slogan) and the specifics of the cover photo are quite classic. This should make it possible to visualize (perhaps with the help of a text) the information on the type of page and what can be found there.
  1. Items to fill in for publications. Consistency is the basis of branding. The Logaster service generates a free brand logo, as well as templates in the required sizes and a unique style for each social network. The process of creating symbols is very convenient and automatic: you only have to indicate the name of the company and choose the industry and the colour scheme.
  1. Image sizes correspond to standards set by social networks. You are going to need a defined set of elements for each site.
  1. Content available 7-14 days in advance. We are talking about ready templates and publications. These include your infographics as well as images that require processing. It cannot be done in a hurry; there must not be fingers in the photo, legs that disappear, or straight lines that twist. There are too many risks to the reputation of the brand. It is best to publish the rest of the content on custom templates using the company-related font, watermark, and colour scheme.



A business page on Instagram will look good if you post in a stitched fashion. There are several effective options:

  • chessboard – the alternation of types of publications, which gives the impression of a chessboard. You can alternate between black and white posts and colour photos, photos, and quotes, etc.
  • vertical or horizontal line – each line has its own colour style and is dedicated to a topic or type of content;
  • with the same logic, a diagonal positioning can be performed.


Want to make a business page on Instagram stand out and be recognizable? Choose several primary colours and use them in publications. The number of colours should below: one to three basic shades. If you have a graphic charter, the colour scheme should conform to it. Additionally, you should use the same settings and filters for each colour scheme. This will harmonize your posts.


Pick a few recognizable angles that you will use regularly to prepare your posts. A repeated element is needed to reinforce profile recognition. If the direction of the company (and the budget) allows, you can create content in a certain style: for example, draw all the posts as pop art images.


Now let’s see how to create a business page on Facebook. What you need to start promoting personalized content:

  1. A unique URL. The company name after http://www.facebook.com/ is the best option.
  1. Quality coverage. There are three constraints: attractive and bright content, a harmonious combination between the profile photo, the colors, and the style in accordance with the graphic charter. Place important items and text (coordinates, etc.) near the center so that nothing is lost when images are automatically cropped for different types of screens.
  1. A memorable profile picture. The logo is for the company what the neutral photo is for the expert or the entrepreneur. No small text or small details. The color scheme should be in harmony with the cover photo.
  1. A completed “Information” section. The business page on Facebook contains a category that the interested user will visit first. The text on the company should be short but informative, attractive but not trivial.
  1. The “actively responds to messages” icon. In terms of visual benefits, it is definitely a winning option It shows that the page is responsive to its audience and that a question asked via email will not go unanswered for a month. To receive the badge, you must respond to 90% of requests within 15 minutes for at least a week.
  1. The call to action button. You can link to the desired page by placing it under the cover. The button option depends on the type of business and the needs of the target audience.
  1. Correct meta descriptions. If you post links every now and then (eg blog posts), write up to 155 characters of short and intriguing content. Without a meta description, the system will pull sentences from the text, which is not a very good option.
  1. Use of more visual content in your posts including images, photos, infographics, videos. Of course, the style should be the same and in accordance with the colour scheme, with a watermark in the shape of the brand logo on a transparent background.


A spectacular company page on Twitter should have a personalized profile photo and cover. It is recommended to use a logo without signatures or small details as a profile picture. The needs for the header are similar to Facebook’s rules: maintain dimensions, a unique style, and a colour scheme to match the profile picture, so customers visually understand the purpose and scope of the business.

How do you make a corporate Twitter page recognizable? In addition to the profile picture and the header, you must enter information relating to the company. The best descriptions are concise and filled with useful information about the purpose of the company, the mission of the brand, etc.

Visual content for Twitter must conform to the approved scheme. This goes for colors, content, style, and presentation. You can find a business hashtag to use in each post. In a tweet, in addition to the text, it is allowed to add an image or a GIF, a link to a site, or a survey or geolocation.



To answer the question of how to create a business page, you need to understand what makes it necessary. To be “like everyone else”? No. Objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, with defined deadlines. Page performance metrics should be tracked and analyzed at least once a week.


The pages must be perfect in terms of visual and semantic content. The profile photo must be in harmony with the profile header as well as the images in the feed. Do not copy articles from other social networks. Dimensional standards could distort images.


Target audience analysis comes first, and only then comes to profile customization and content plan preparation. Who is your audience? In what places and market niches is it located? What are people interested in? What makes your page unique? The list of questions can and should be extended: the more detailed the answers, the more opportunities you will have to assess your target audience and choose the only right option for the design.


Don’t wait for inspiration: you need to have a 6-month strategic content plan, a detailed one-month plan, and an ultra-detailed one-week plan. The plan should include company news, information about the product and its benefits, practical data, surveys and contests, and other interactions with the public.


Every minute, 100,000 to 200,000 new posts appear on social networks. the public has something else to do. It’s all about emotion: if the content doesn’t attract and reach people, they’ll just ignore the posts.


How to design a business page? Approach implementing the idea the same way as organizing advertising or branding campaigns. Planning, preparation of visual solutions, professional publication creation, and customer focus are the components of a successful corporate account promotion strategy.

Bio- Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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