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Why Automation is the Future of Digital Marketing

If you are working in the digital marketing field, you know how much time consuming it is. You need to keep track of your clients, leads, sales and be always better than your competition. 

What if I tell you, that all tasks that you are doing on a daily basis can be done for you? The future of digital marketing is in automation. 

What are the benefits of automation?

Time-saving is not the only benefit of automation. What else can you gain?

  • You can focus more on strategy

As you know, the goal of automation is to increase your efficiency. The competition in the marketing field is huge which means if you want more sales, you need to bring some unique strategy. Every hour that is saved by automation can be invested in your strategy.

  • Better customer support

Effective communication is really crucial if you want to bring more sales to your company. If you decide to use email automation, you can focus more on the “hot” leads. For example, if anyone makes a purchase on your site, the email automation can send them a newsletter or other deals after some period of time. This can bring them back and make another purchase.

  • Reallocate money

You know that efficiency is the key mechanism here. When your team members have more time on their core tasks, it can make them more productive. This means you can reallocate budget to other strategies because automation removes the drain of repetitive tasks where you can save money. 

  • Analytics is everything

Automation software can collect and analyse data that can be helpful for your business. These data can be leads, customers, campaign success, sales and many more. You will see what is the most effective strategy you use and you can decide to reinvest your budget based on their success. The main benefit is that you will get reports where you can learn and improve.

  • Automate your ads

The creation of ads can be really time-consuming. You need to choose the right audience, meet all criteria of the platform and create them one by one. If you are using Google Ads, you can use their features that will help you automate your biddings, budget or targeting. You can also use other tools where you will save time and create campaigns with a few clicks, for example, Bluewinston.

Tips for automation:

Okay, automation sounds good, but how to gain the maximum from it? There are several ways on how to start. In this part, you will learn a few tips.

  • Identify your tasks

As the first thing, you need to identify your teams’ most repetitive marketing tasks. After you got your own lists of these tasks, you can find a way on how to automate them. As we mentioned before, simply automating response emails can reduce the administrative burden on your team. Pick out those tasks which are both time-consuming and compatible with automation.

  • Do not be afraid to use automation software

As you know, there are many choices when it comes to automation software. You need to do research of these tools, which can be really challenging. If you defined your tasks you probably know what to automate. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will be able to find only one tool that can cover the automation of all your time-consuming tasks.

  • Prepare your team

Although automation will make marketing more efficient, the introduction of new software and processes is really important. You need to learn how to work with these tools and you need to prepare your team for it. Do some testing, talk with your team and improve your work environment. 


The future of digital marketing is in automation. You can save money and time and you can invest it in your branding. You will save many hours which can be used for sales, strategies or optimizations. We definitely recommend you to start automating. 

Marek Fule is a Consultant for online business and marketing. Holder of every Google Ads certification. Account manager for BlueWinston – Automated product tool for Google Ads. Tech geek.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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