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How to Manage and Monitor Your Reputation on Social Media

Even though it is the website that matters the most for any digital business, ruling out the social media channels can prove to be catastrophic. Many only focus on maintaining the brand image and reputation for the SEO platforms so that the SERP ranks can increase.

But what about the social media reputation?

Is it necessary to focus on maintaining the social media online reputation for any business?

To answer your question, let’s first learn how social media can affect your business’s reputation and credibility.

What impacts do social media platforms have on a business’s image?

  • If you are not giving prompt responses to your customers’ posts and complaints regarding your business, you won’t be able to enhance satisfaction. Also, customer retention will become difficult for you.
  • It has been proven that social media channels can easily boost a brand’s loyalty which is very important for every online business.
  • With SMO, one can target a great section of the audience. One can even group the followers or audiences in different sections to earn genuine traffic for the website.
  • With frequent and meaningful social media posts, you will be able to keep your customers on toes. But, if your posts are inconsistent, it’s obvious that your audience will lose interest in your business.
  • Social media posts can also increase curiosity and enthusiasm in the users, provided proper marketing strategies are implemented.

90% of the online businesses rely on the various social media channels for marketing and directing more traffic to the main website. It is evident that a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook can have several impacts on your brand image. Bearing that in mind, we will explain certain ways in which you can manage your brand’s online reputation on various social media platforms.

Top ways to increase online social media reputation of a brand or business

Engaging and relevant contents for posts

Your brand’s reputation highly depends on the quality of the contents you are posting on various social media channels. Hence, your first focus will be on developing a content strategy that will reflect your goals and delineate your brand’s purpose clearly. After all, these posts will make your brand sound appealing and attractive for the audience. Some of the tips to create engaging post contents are:

  • Make sure to create relevant contents that will describe the purpose.
  • Do not stuff too many words since that can make the entire post look boring and dull.
  • Always keep customer satisfaction in mind, not the brand’s immediate success.
  • Engagement can be done only with the use of proper words that can be understood by every age group.
  • Create curiosity with your content but do not give vague information that might baffle your audience.

Prompt resolution of customer complaints and issues

At the present time, social media channels have become quite popular for managing the business-customer relationships. You can consider various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook as a new platform for establishing a customer care service. Hence, it’s your responsibility to ensure that these channels are maintained properly.

For this, you should monitor your customers complaints and posts regarding your business brand or product. Also, if they are facing any problem, the troubleshooting process should be immediate and prompt. If you are making any delay in responding to your customers, it will create a bad impression, proving that you are not interested in providing proper resolutions.

Integrating the social listening software with your business

If your business is using multiple social media platforms or operating from multiple locations, it will be impossible to track every post, audience responses, business progress, brand reputation, and so on. If you focus on one platform, others will be neglected, thereby degrading the overall online reputation of your brand or business. So, is there any solution for such a predicament?

Yes, there is and the resolution comes in the form of the social listening software. With the help of this tool, you can automate the entire monitoring process where the tool itself will collect various data from all the social media accounts under your business name. Also, you will be alerted the moment someone posts a response in regard to your tweet or social media post. As a result, you can attend to your customer’s needs easily without upsetting them with delayed responses.

Amplify your brand’s reputation with re-posting old reviews

Have you ever thought that your target audience wouldn’t come to know about your past customers’ responses magically? If yes, then you must find a way in which you can let your present customers or leads know about your brand and its credibility. And, fortunately, different social media platforms have a special feature to aid you in your goal.

You can post the past reviews where your brand has been appreciated or the past customers have explained how they benefited from your services or products. These posts about the older reviews will amplify your online reputation, thereby improving your brand’s image and worthiness.

Have an eye on the insights and analytics

For managing your online social media reputation, the first thing you have to do is understand the insights and monitor the analytics. You need to know how your brand is performing and whether or not your target audience is responding positively. For example, let’s say you have made a new post about your brand’s usage, expecting that your target audience will view the post and will discover further.

But, when you look at the insights, you see that the number of views is closely matching your expectations. However, the number of actions is very low, almost minimal. Such insights indicate poor online reputation and non-appealing posts. Thus, with insight monitoring, you can understand the real-time level of online reputation of your brand. At first, it might prove to be a hectic work to constantly monitor the insights and analytics. But over time you will become a pro in the job, and hence, managing your social media reputation would never seem to be a hard task anytime in future.

Be consistent in posts maintaining the quality

Let’s say you follow your favorite yoga instructor who always posts different exercises and tips for yoga on social media. Now, since you are an audience in this case, you will automatically expect regular or frequent posts from your favorite instructor. The same thing will happen with your target audience as they will expect you to post frequently and keep them on toes for the next post.

Hence, you should be consistent, making sure that the time gap between two posts is neither too short nor too long. Irregularities will never help you in achieving more traffic to your audience, which will further have a negative impact on your brand’s online reputation.

Include relevant keywords and hashtags

Lastly, you need to focus on the keywords you are using in your content for the social media posts. Since you need higher ranks in SMOs for improved brand reputation, you need the guidance of professional  social media marketing experts. Never use too many keywords as it will cause stuffiness and destroy the entire meaning of the post. Also, since you have to use hashtags on several social media platforms, make sure to choose the trendy ones having the highest search results. Always remember that these keywords and hashtags are the bridges between you and your target audience.


Online brand reputation will speak about your business’s efficiency and fame on the social media platforms. As a result, it’s your responsibility to maintain an impressive reputation so as to remain in the competition. Unless you are managing the brand’s popularity, you won’t be able to increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer retention and engagement. We hope the above mentioned tricks will allow you to maintain your fame on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and others.

Swati Sharma, writer by day and an avid reader by night, manages Content and Social Media Marketing at Social Cubicle, leading social media marketing company. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the digital marketing and IT industry.

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