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10 Incredible Stats About Remote Working

“Remote work leads to create more distractions.”
“Employees are inefficient to maintain high productivity levels when operating remotely.”
“Remote work is not suitable for running a successful business.”

These are some of the current misconceptions that people have in mind about remote work. However, if we see at the statistics, the truth is precisely the opposite. Researches show that remote employees tend to be less stressed on their job, extra focused on their tasks, & deliver significantly higher productivity levels than their equivalents working in regular office cubicles. In the same time, businesses that have adopted working with remote teams tend to save quite a lot of time & money compared to conventional offices.

To support these statements, to clear all such misconceptions and paint a clear picture because to why remote work is the prospect, here we are with an infographic that covers 10 incredible statistics of remote work. Take a peek at them and understand for yourself:

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