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4 Ways to Get Links You Wouldn’t Have Thought About

As we all know, getting links is one of the hardest part of any SEO strategy. Optimizing your website’s code, structure, speed and content only depends on you, so is normally no big deal. However, building links relies by definition on involving 3rd parties (i.e. external webmasters) in your SEO strategy, and if not carefully and creatively planned can become a real hassle. To help you with your link building, here are 5 new ways to acquiring links webmasters and SEO’s rarely consider:

1. Interview experts in your field

No matter what your field of business is, you can be sure there will be experts in it out there. As all other experts, chances are also the experts in your field love when people talk about them, quote them and refer to them. So, what’s better than an interview to them, to get their attention.. and links?

2. Be a guest speaker for others

Schools and local associations are often organizing events for which they look for “motivational speakers”, who can offer a word of advice to their pupils or associates or tell a real-life, motivational story. Do you have a story to tell, being it about your business, your life or you passion? If so, offering yourself as a free speaker can result in free publicity, which translated in SEO language means…links!

3. Become a product reviewer

One of the key elements used by modern-day salesmen to facilitate their selling jobs is peer reviews. Amazon and other e-commerce websites are specialists in this, but most products and shops do not have the luxury of a huge users’ community. This meas that if you find a niche product you like (possibly specific to your industry or profession), write a positive review of it and send its URL to the its producers, this will most likely turn into a link. (Important: before doing so, make sure the product has a related website, or there won’t be a place for you to get your link from!)

4. Recommend your website to a local library

Local libraries often have old-looking, partially abandoned websites. So why not help them to list additional useful resources….like your site? If your site contains enough informative content on its topic, chances are it can be considered as a good resource for students and researchers, so give it a try: mail you library of choice about it and keep your fingers crossed!

As we have seen, there are plenty of ways in which you can get people to link to you: some will do so because of their vanity and pride (examples 1 and 3), some will do so to thank you (example 2) and some will do so because you deserve it as good source of information. Depending on your site, some strategies will work better than others, so it is up to you now to test them and see what works best for you… good luck!

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