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5 Best Ways to Earn Money from Your WordPress Website

Developing a website using WordPress is an uncomplicated process and it has opened a range of options for folks from all walks of life, enabling them to connect with others, express their thoughts or popularize their businesses. This free to use framework has revolutionised the web development industry in a number of ways and one of them is how it allows people to earn money from the WordPress site and today we will have a look at a few ways in which it is made possible.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the practice of promoting any product or service owned by a provider on your webpage using tracking links which, when utilized for making a purchase helps you earn referral commissions. One can use it by first identifying the services that your readers are generally interested in and then using an affiliate program like Amazon Affiliate to recommend them on the page. The price per action in this is fixed beforehand and varies from one commodity to the other and the types range from simple pay per sale where the buyer used your link for the transaction to the pay per click where he lands onto the seller’s site via your page and conducts a successful operation to the pay per lead which with the assistance of analytics is used to provide consumer data to the target site.

#2. Advertising

Using a management system like Google Adsense to display ads is the oldest and trusted way to get financial gains from a WordPress site. On signing up with such a service you can advertise items related to your website and the visitors on clicking it will help you gain monetary benefits by using the two methods offered, namely, Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) where M is the Roman numeral for thousand. CPC gets you a fixed price set by the promoter whenever an ad is clicked while CPM gets you a set fee after the ad has been developed one thousand times on the site. Setting an account is easy and it is a good way to monetize your website, but taking care of the paperwork and invoicing can be cumbersome and make the process easier one can always use an ad management plugin.

#3. Ecommerce

Why publicizes other sellers when one can do so himself by turning the site into an online business venture using the convenient WordPress website development tools available which makes the steps involved like getting a domain name, web hosting and payment gateway installation apart from designing effortlessly simple. Not only physical products can be sold but for service providers like SEO professionals and content writers, other avenues exist like writing and selling ebooks related to their area of expertise in addition to offering their resources to needy clients. Having your own site can mean long hours and extremely hard work, but the returns can be impressive as all the profits are going into your pocket.

#4. Sponsored Posts

Commercials are no doubt a great way of earning revenue but they can also be quite irritating for users and for this reason some owners refrain from using them and look for other routes to earn money from the WordPress site and writing paid posts is one of them. For a blog having extensive reach and influence, this is a nice way of generating revenue by simply modifying the text and adding infographics and pictures according to the promoter’s demands. The blogger has to keep in mind though that no incorrect information is promoted as it is his ethical reputation more than the advertiser’s which is at stake while also indicating to a visitor that the content falls under the category of promotional material.

A slight variation of this is the sponsored review, which includes providing the reader with the information about any newly launched product which is provided to the blog owner and he has to present his evaluation of it and is paid by the manufacturer for the same.

#5. Paid Membership and Content

When the audience of a website is considerably large with extensive reach, it means that the fact can be capitalized upon by turning the whole site or some sections of it into a member-only paid zone which will feature exclusive content in the form of text, audio or video. A nominal membership fee can be charged for joining and then provide them with additional benefits like unlimited downloads than the free members. A sizeable amount of investment is required for such a venture besides the constant uploading of quality content which the subscribers must find valuable, but the returns that can be earned are also attractive because the user base of such a site usually remains loyal.


In order to earn money from WordPress site, an entrepreneur must have the qualities of patience and persistence, apart from doing the methodical planning and employing sound business practices, as there is no easy way to achieve success in this field.

Author bio: This article is contributed by Brandon Graves, he has great expertise in the WordPress services such as html to wordpress conversion, theme customization, blogging, SEO, email marketing and much more.

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