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Reasons Why Your Link Bait Strategies Fail To Achieve Desired Result

Link Bait

It happens very often that link bait strategies fail and people are left wondering behind the reasons that led to such a failure. However, a close scrutiny would reveal that these failures are mostly attributable to improper link building execution.Here is an insight into top 5 reasons why your link bait strategies fail to achieve desired result:

1. Strategy Misalignment

When you go for building links, you focus on three main elements in your strategy. These three elements are link building strategy, content strategy and link bait strategy. When you misalign or confuse these concepts, your overall link building strategy gets damaged. The content strategy can be regarded as the road map to create great content. Link building strategy is the way you plan to get links and link bait is content created with the sole intention of achieving links from it. A link bait is not classically a part of your content strategy but is surely a part of your link building strategy. People often tend to regard content and link bait as one and the same results in a misaligned strategy. While content is a part of your content strategy, link bait has more to do with your link building strategy. You need to decide on the content that can act as link baits.

2. Forgetting The “Strategy” Element

This may sound like a no-brainer, but what stands for a fact is that many people fail to either plan or execute their strategy. If you start off with several campaigns without caring about the integration between campaigns, you are damaging your efforts of forming a strategy. You may also make the mistake of not setting out a road map because you tend to get too preoccupied with the launch of your campaign. To lead your link bait strategy to success, it is important to craft a distinct course of action.

Just as with any strategy where you need to know the method of implementation, link bait strategy also needs a clear course of action to be implemented. It is essential to track all the elements of the strategy and apply mid course correction if required.

3. Lack of Proper Tracking

For effective tracking of the links being built by the link bait, it is necessary that all team members count their links either manually or through automated tools. However, just by the team members tracking the links, much cannot be done. In addition to the number of links that your link bait strategy has made for you, you also need to know the how have the number of incoming links varied through the project, what is the scope of spread of anchor text and what good have links done for the ranking.

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With these elements being generally overlooked, it becomes difficult to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your strategy. It is a good idea to share results with others in the team to keep everyone on the same grid. Actual method to track links starts from getting all the data and analyzing it on the basis of three criteria mentioned above.

4. Content is Consistently Crappy

Although link bait is not a part of content strategy but it does have a piece of content as the bait. This is where a lot of companies fail to produce epic content. This may either be caused due to the tendency to look for quick gains or more commonly due to lack of experience of the person implementing the strategy. People generally tend to get impressed by their own ideas without paying due attention to the merit that the idea will command with other people.

5. Irrelevant showcasing in the link bait

Link baits fail clients and agencies for one prime reason that agencies often try and sell a client by showing them a good case study as the link bait. What they often forget to showcase is the client’s audience and other content that they have produced.

Knowing these 5 reasons that lead to a failure of link bait strategy and in turn dump the link building strategy too, you are certain to find out why is your link bait strategy not working, in case you are also struggling with a similar issue. If you are at a startup, you now know what not to do to have a successful link bait strategy.

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