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Secrets of Social Media

5 Lead Generation Secrets of Social Media You Never Knew

Social media marketing is a platform to generate and nurture leads. Social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin and others can generate almost 80% more leads/ conversion than any other channels like direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing.

Secrets of Social Media

Lead conversion which is what business owners should aim for occurs 13% more with social media marketing than with the average digital marketing. So without further adieu let us look into the 5 lead generation secrets.

  1. Facebook Lead Generation Secrets

With 1.55 billion of monthly active users are used Facebook during the third quarter of 2015, it would be only logical to share the Facebook lead generation secrets. 32% of the Facebook users don’t like the company pages/ brand pages because of uninteresting posts and another 28% unlike it for too many posts.

For increasing the leads you can concentrate on content which is needed for your target audience, but apart from the content you may also use other Facebook secrets that listed in the below to increase your leads:

  • Competitions

The major key is here to maintain your level of competition is low and giving the reduced prices that will encourage the Facebook users and extract the leads information with help of an application without putting them off.

  • Sell… Subtly…

Out right and direct selling may help sometimes, so it would be best that you can easily learn how to sell your goods and services as subtly as you can. Learn to use the language which your target audience would like you to use and make sure to include great images and useful tips along with your links and contact information.

  • Whisper Codes

Stores and retailers can get a good number of leads or increase their sales with the help of ‘whisper codes’ shared through their social media campaigns. These are the combination of phrases or alphanumeric codes, which user can avail some specific discount or offer after submitting these whisper codes.

  • Customized Tabs

It is common to see that many people settle in for plain page tabs even though there are options for customization. There are some really good third party apps you can use to customize your Facebook tabs, with help of that you can collect leads from your pages. The major drawback in this method is, you want to connect your audience data to them through Facebook ads and content.

  • Offers

With minimum budget, you can use Facebook offers is the one of the effective lead generation tool to attract your targeted audience. You can write your own titles, description, ad images and limit the number of users who can claim your offer. You can learn how to take advantage of offers for lead generation through Facebook.

  1. Twitter Lead Generation Secrets

Twitter has more than 307 million monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2015 and 80% of the Heads of State have Twitter accounts with US President Barack Obama leading the list. It simply shows how powerful it is, Twitter is as a tool which you can use it to generate more quality lead using the following secrets.

  • Lead Generation Cards

Twitter has made it easier for marketers to reach their target audience with the introduction of Lead Generation Cards that allow them to put a Call To Action (CTA) in their tweets. These cards help digital marketers to know users interest and collect lead information such as their name and email address by clicking on the corresponding button.

  • TV Ad Targeting

With the introduction of Twitter’s TV Ad Targeting feature, company owners can now easily connect their TV ads with their twitter account using advanced fingerprint technologies. It provides 27% higher engagement rate compared to natural television advertisement.

  • Tailored Audiences

If you are going to use Twitter ads to promote your business or services, then you have to recheck it whether those people already connected with your brand or not because this type of targeting advertising will give much result to the advertisers. Twitter’s Tailored Audience can boost your engagement by 45% when you match your twitter ad with highly targeted audience.

  1. LinkedIn Lead Generation Secrets

B2B marketers and those targeting executives and professionals will have a pleasant experience when they use LinkedIn for lead generation. The key here is to build a network of people that you know by making a connection with them through LinkedIn. If you are going to target some specific peoples, try to connect them via your existing colleagues or participate in the groups where those peoples are likely to be present.

Tip: Concentrate on your targeted audience through Linkedin search, connect with the potential people who have viewed your profile, also engage with the people by doing things to grab their attention and you will be amazed at the result.

  1. Pinterest/Instagram Lead Generation Secrets

Pinterest is a fast growing social networking site with 100 million users. The great thing about this networking site is that its general users spending more money compared to any other networking sites like Facebook. Instagram is another such popular website which having massive 300 million monthly active users.

Tip: Use these sites for increasing the lead by getting them interested in your photos like showing them behind the scenes of shots of your organization as well as your goods / products creation process. Example: you may see lot of manufacturing videos in Discovery channel.

  1. YouTube Lead Generation Secrets

50% of the Internet traffic comes from video, so just imagine the power of YouTube in generating leads.

Tip: Apart from posting interesting videos for your target audience, write keyword optimized titles as well as descriptions and also use annotations that are keyword rich.

Social Media is not only a powerful tool to connect with your targeted audience but also helps to stay connected with brands, services and products. So, establishing a strong social media presence can leverage the true power of these channels and we can generate valuable leads to the organization where we are working. These Social Medias can open doors the new level of marketing compared to what we are doing in the common lead generation methods.

Author Bio:ravi-varma Ravi Varma is a social media geek and a blogger who is interested sharing blogging & digital marketing thoughts! He is also working as a trainer in Digital Marketing Training institute in Chennai for many years.

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