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Is Cashfiesta is a scam

With the intention of making money without leaving my home, I had tried an auto surf program. It promised to provided unlimited earning potential worldwide regardless of country you are in. All you need is a PC with an internet connect together with their autosurf programme installed. However, just like other online get rich fast scheme, this auto surf program is a SCAM. This autosurf program is CashFiesta.


What is Cashfiesta Program

After installing cashfiesta program, you will start to see a bright orange rectangular bar accross the top of your screen with a little cashfiesta man lying around. It is called a cashfiesta surfbar. The money points will start ticking when that little cashfiesta man is walking around on the cashfiesta surfbar. He is only walking when there is ads showing on the surfbar but the bad news is that most of the time, with lack of advertisers, the cashfiesta surfbar does not show any ads at all.

After you have accomulate enough points, you could convert it back to the real e-cash according to the rate that cashfiesta has published. After you have reached a maximum payout rate, you are promised to get a cheque from cashfiesta.

Cashfiesta is a scam

With abrupt decrease number of advertisers, Cashfiesta never live up to their promise. There are many incidents and cases around that cashfiesta does not pay their cashfiesta surfbar users under the pretext of “irregularity in users account”. This is unfair to some cashfiesta surfbar users where they would have spend almost a year just to get a bare amount to get a cheque just to end up with an email saying that there are some irregularity in their account and hence they are not entitled to get what they deserve.

Personal View: Although I have more than 8 of my underliner (those I have refered before) and surf my day in and out, I have never hit my first pay out rate. After of long hour surfing with cashfiesta surfbar, I decided to stop used their program on the 5th Month after seeing so many incident lying around. To me, I still believe that all the get rich fast scheme are SCAM.

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