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The Google+ Factor


Google Plus is critical to your online Success Like it or Not!

By Charles Bosse – Internet Millionaire

What is Google Plus?


Google+ is basically Google’s version of Facebook and is important for any business to have to increase their online presence. In February 2014, Google+ was reported to have over 540 million viewers. Think of Google+ as the social media that attaches other Google products together like; Google Docs and YouTube, it is socialising the whole Google experience. The average Google+ visit is 3:46 this is a long time so if one of your potential customers goes to your page you want to make the most of it. There is no easier way to increase the visibility of your business or website on Google Search then to add an influential tagline, fill up the About section with links and keywords, attach a +1 button and Google badges to your page and branching out to Google+ Local Places Page. I have outlined just a few simple ways to improve your online presence by using Google+ are listed here.

#1. Create a fantastic tagline

Google+ allows you to attach a tagline that will appear below your Page’s main business name, find this by looking in your ‘About’ section. Think of this tagline like an elevator pitch to online users and it will appear in the description when someone shares your page or profile, and being the sentence that pops up when you type it into Google Search.


You want to make sure it is short, research shows you have about 3 seconds to hold someone’s attention online, a snappy, keyword-rich or as a message that basically explains who and what your business is all about. Consider popular pages or sites to seek a richer idea and inspiration for your tagline. Google’s own research suggests a tagline less than 60 characters is ideal.

#2. Fill up your About section with keywords and links

Ensure you fill up your Google+’s About section completely. Do not leave any section empty as future customers may look at this particular field first. Use keywords that will be ranked highly in search, and keywords that customers are seeking. Make sure you don’t just shoehorn them in, make the text fluent and easy to read, this also goes for posts on your page. Carefully think about what words best represent your business and spread them all throughout you content. This will make you more attractive to potential customers, both in Google Search and Google+.

To add links to your blog, social profiles, local listings and any review sites you want to advertise select the Recommended Links area of your About section. Since Google+ is connected closely with Google Search, capitalize by sharing multiple links to your business in your Contact Info and Information sections of your page. To spread the word of your Google+ profile past your fans, ask your family, friends and employees to create individual Google+ profiles (if they don’t have one already) and invite them to attach your business page URL in their Links section.

#3. Set up Google badges and a +1 button to your website

google_plus_oneIf you write a blog, make sure you add a +1 button widget to your posts, so that your followers and fans can share your content on Google+ easily. To find this simply select the embed code from this link: https://developers.google.com/+/web/+1button/ or search ‘Google+ button’. However, the Google+ badge for pages on your page, an active following widget will pop up next to your websites listing on Google Search. To install Google+ Badge, visit https://developers.google.com/+/web/ badge/ or type ‘Google+ Badge’ into Google. Pick your page in the drop-down menu, choose your badge type then copy and past the embed code on your website or blog.

#4. Already have a website?  Get a Google+ Local Business Page

If someone ever asks me what it the most important thing to do to have the search engines find my local business I always give the same advice.  Make sure you verify your address details in your Google Local Business page.  If your company currently has a physical presence, ensure to add it onto the Google+ Local tab attached with a Places page which is essentially a separate Google Plus page with minimal social opportunities but a place for people to find you using local search (extremely successful for mobile users), and to leave reviews. If you don’t have a Google+ Local places page or are seeking to use an existing one as your own, go to https://plus.google.com/pages/create and select Local Business or Place as your business type and look for your business. Google+ will then connect you with your website. Alternatively, search your business name into Google Search and see if it appears. If it does select it, and if you haven’t, you will be able to be clicking ‘claim this Page’.

By having a Google+ account you will be able to increase customers daily. To make your business more effective be sure to consider this tip as they will help you along the way to successful company.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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