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why wordpress blogging

Why WordPress is the Ideal Choice for Blogging?

WordPress was indeed launched as a blogging platform to help bloggers establish a strong online presence. However, the time has changed. What once was a blogging platform is now considered as a leading content management system. The current status and development of WordPress indicates that it is much more than just a blogging platform. There is no denying that the popularity of WP is growing at a rapid pace.

why wordpress blogging

According to various studies, it has been cleared that WordPress is one of the best platforms to publish content specifically for those who are looking to highlight functionality, web standards and aesthetics on their sites.

Popular WordPress Facts

WordPress has so much to offer. Whether you are planning to create a simple informative blog or a large-scale online store, WordPress is the answer.

Let’s have a look at the popular WordPress facts to justify our claim:-

  • There are more than 24% i.e. 74.6 million websites that are powered by WordPress. Amazing, right? There are so many websites that are depending on this platform for their online business.
  • WordPress has been translated in more than 40 languages such as French, Estonia, Dutch, Croatian, and much more.
  • WordPress.com receives unique visitors than many popular established websites such as Amazon and Snapdeal.
  • There is more than 98 version of WordPress that has been introduced till date. New updates are being launched once every few weeks.
  • WordPress is quite popular with professional and business websites. The number of business websites powered by WordPress is five times the number of news or other sites powered by it.
Wondering Why WordPress and not any other CMS?

Well, there are so many reasons that justify the popularity of this content management system and some of them are discussed below.

#1. Reasonable learning curve:-

The most popular and major reason behind the popularity of WordPress is that it is extremely easy and convenient to use. Whether you have the technical knowledge or not, you can easily set up a basic website with the help of WordPress. From uploading images to adding new posts, even technophobes can use it without having to feel intimidated. It’s literally as easy as editing a word document. Moreover, it comes with step by step installation guide to help you set up your website without taking help of a developer. Unlike other CMS where the learning curve becomes steeper with time, WordPress becomes easier.

In simpler words, you don’t need to be a technical genius to use WordPress. Neither you need to learn the basic of HTML, or CSS nor PHP. In addition, it offers plenty of functionality at fingertips.

#2. Easy customization with User-Friendly interface:-

WordPress comes with an outstanding and user-friendly dashboard where you can make customization to your website.

Want to change the theme? Open appearance → themes, install or activate your favorite theme.

Need to extend the functionality of your website? Install new plugins and you are good to go.

Every customization is just a click away.

The dashboard presents extremely easy to understand options. Without even having to mess around with the coding, you can easily change the overall look of your website with just a few clicks. It’s as easy as pie.

#3. WordPress is equipped with standard features:-

Though WordPress has retained its image as an easy to use content management system for past 11 years, the list of standard features has grown significantly. Media management and menu configuration are great examples of features that have gotten incredibly more powerful over time without compromising with the convenience of use.

Every new version of WordPress comes with wise improvisations that have evolved this platform into a significantly renowned CMS.

#4. Easy Monetization:-

Whether you have set up an e-commerce platform to increase your ROI or a blog to earn handsome income, WordPress makes monetizing your blog extremely easy. Affiliate marketing and ads become a crucial part of a website, and no other CMS other than WordPress understands the importance of handling this. It comes with various ads and affiliate management plugins and widgets that enable you to easily manage monetization of your website.

#5. Second-to-none support:-

WordPress is an open source which means it is available for absolutely free of cost. The affordability of this content management system has encouraged many WP users to contribute and become a crucial part of WordPress world. The support community of such a huge platform is huge and active, which we would normally expect from a popular platform. Besides the dedicated WordPress support forum, you will find plenty of other useful and beneficial third-party resources. In fact, just Google “WordPress tutorial” and you will be provided with hundreds of websites offering plenty of tutorials.

With WordPress, you can be sure to find an answer to any of your question.

#6. Responsiveness:-

No need to spend extra hours of efforts, and money on getting a mobile-friendly version of your website developed. Install WordPress and everything else is taken care of. Responsiveness may have recently taken the world by storm, but WordPress seems to be one platform that is all set to face any challenge. This popular content management system offers responsive themes and plugins that allow you to set up mobile-friendly websites. In addition, the latest WordPress version comes with responsive layout. So, now whether you use a responsive theme or not, you can now relax and sit back knowing that your website will look presentable on different devices.

#7. Superb themes and plug-ins:-

The best part of WordPress is that it offers a wide variety of themes and plugins that help you make your website stand out from the crowd. Currently, there are more than 42,000 plugins and themes available for WordPress and the number is growing with the passage of each day. Whether you want to extend the functionality or change the overall look of your website, WordPress has got you covered.

Wrapping up:-

Nothing beats the usability of this popular content management system. From the ease of use to latest design trends, WordPress has reached a whole new level.


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