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Extract More Revenue Through The Affiliate Publisher Program Of AdBira

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Suitable For Publishers With Premium Content:

If you have established your business online and looking for the ways to compete against your competitors, there are certain ways to be employed not only to overcome your competitors but also to make more profit. AdBira is considered to be a top brand advertiser and it exhibits your ads only on the websites of those publishers who offer top quality contents on their web pages. As these ads are advertised on the web pages with high quality contents, it brings potential customer to your business website within a short time. As they are catering only to the publisher websites with premium quality content, they are able to generate more revenue for publishers and also greater ROI for the advertisers. Adbira is also running invite only affiliate program which paved the way for the publishers meeting the key factors of adbira.

Key Factors Required By Publisher To Get Approved By Adbira:

As already mentioned that affiliate program is meant for both small and large websites with premium content. AdBira network approves the publisher website only after complete screening so that high quality standards will be ensured to the advertisers. In order to get qualified, the website of the publisher should have the following.

  • The website should have more traffic and high quality content
  • There should be reasonable amount of visitors visiting the website on regular basis.
  • It should also receive more traffic from the UK, the US and Canada.
  • It should be appropriate for placing the ads
  • The website should be launched at least 2 years before.
  • It should not host any illegal activity.

Text And Image Based Ads:

Adbira offers an instant access to the relevant advertiser. Leading digital agencies and global brands are actively advertising on this site.

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The firm is able to create text and image based ads which are relevant to your website so that your readers will be able to understand your business in a better way. You can also take complete control over your ads to make them exactly work for your website. Apart from that, your products will hold considerable amount of demand all through the year.

I Am Satisfied:

I own a website which was established four years ago. My website features high quality content with a descent amount of traffic regularly. I came to know about Adbira and joined their affiliate program as one of their publisher. This program offered me the ability of tapping into an umpteen number of ads for generating more revenue. I filled their application which is available on their website and submitted. My site was fully scanned and it was approved. Now, the ads of leading firms are published on my websites. The websites of the advertisers is also gaining more traffic. Many leading firms are very eager to place their ads on my website to get maximum profits. The most interesting feature is that I receive my payment at the end of the month through paypal. I don’t want to wait till the next month. I am really happy with Adbira.

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