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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit?

If marketers like or do not like, customers are these days generating over 30 percent content that appears in the online searches for particular brand names, and importantly trust on those media messages more than just advertising or the news articles about the brand, the products and or services. Studies have shown that this electronic-word-of-mouth is proved as trustworthy by customers and significantly affects the firm’s perceived value. But with this array of channels out there, it would be difficult for social media marketers to keep track of the people saying about your brand.

What is a Social Media Audit?

Social media audit is nothing but analysis or examination of identifying the pros of using social media channels. It is a regular examination of social media channels that represent your brand including your business owned profile and imposter accounts. It is nothing but a systematic examination of social data to help the marketers to uncover the categories and to evaluate the social discussion about your brand, products and or services.
This approach generally captures what customers are discussing about your brand, what competitors are normally doing on social media or using and taking action through social media channels, and what the brand itself is doing that whether helping your business or not.

A Six-Step Guide on Social Media Audit


#1. Create a Robust Social Media Audit Spreadsheet –

Does your social media audit need a home? Do you need a sheet to track it? Let us discuss the questions. You certainly need a social media home and a spreadsheet to track them down. You can use the information and data you have discovered by way of your social media marketing audit to build a strong social media strategy. You can put it to work using some tools or suites to schedule the posts, engage the followers and monitor your entire social media efforts.

#2. Go On A Search For Your Social Media Presence On Search Engines –

If you want to create a strong social media presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. then you to Google or Yahoo and search the name of your company and see which social media profiles show up. It also provides you with the chances to find out whether the right social media profiles are appearing on your search results.

#3. Try to Evaluate Your Social Media Profiles –

Evaluating your social media profile is one of the most important parts of your social media audit. It is the best part of your social media marketing plan, you do not to constantly evaluate your social media profiles, but during the process of evaluation, you just create a mission statement for each profile. This will help you decide if you are being present on the social network contributes to your overall strategy.

#4. Make Sure That Your Social Media Profiles Are On the Brand –

You should create your social media profile in such a way that ensures your brand, boost your products campaign and promote your services at the same time. This will not only help you create a strong online presence but also help you understand the way you go for your social media audit. This means you should make sure that you have a proper image, cover photo, icons bio and other important description on your profile.

#5. Try to Make the Ownership of Your Passwords –

The fundamental process of doing or running a social media audit not only help you make sure that all types of social media profiles are secure but also help your IT department to find the key tools for the social media profiles.

#6. Try to Create a Process –

Once you have done your social media marketing audit, it is the time to take what you have learned as well as create an internal process in the time you create new social media profiles.

As you go through this step, you will see that the social media audit spreadsheet will begin adding new columns.

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