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Which is the better way of link building – Forums or Blog Comments?

The main purpose of creating any website is fulfilled when the site is fully spread over the web. As everyone knows that there are huge number of websites present in the online world and if you want to create a great impression on the net then your site must be present at the top pages on the search engine. So to fulfill this people do “Link Building”. Now here, we have an option between two types of link building – one is through Forums and the other is through Blog Comments.

Let us discuss in points that which one is the best or better.

1.)    SEO Benefit – In both link building methods, greater SEO benefits are provided by the Blog comments. Blog comments are more effective then the forums. The reason behind this is that page ranks are easily allocated by the blogs rather than the forums. So some benefit is also given to the link placed on that blog. Page rank is bit rare comes in forums.

2.)    Direct Traffic – If you need an early direct traffic to your site at a fast rate then forums will be the right choice. You can create any thread of your choice by placing a signature link at the bottom of that post. Moreover you can also take part in various ongoing threads and spread the site URL among the different users and locations which is not possible in case of blog comments. In blog comment you can place your link in a post and that too is approved or not is decided by the moderator.

3.)    Customized Keyword Phrase – One can place a set of desired keywords along with their posts in forums but that is not possible in blog comments. Because the keywords are already decided by the blog-owner. So create more relevancies you need to search more relevant blogs to post your comment.

4.)    Discussion – Vast discussions are possible in forum threads which are bit lacking in blog comments. One can discuss on any particular topic during blog comments but in forums one can discuss on different topics and different threads on the same forum.

5.)    Moderator Approval or Auto-Approval – In forums, one need not to wait for approvals to publish your post or thread. But blog comments need to wait for moderator approval to see their comment live on the web.

6.)    Time-to-time Updation – Forums are regularly updated by their various users and also provide the vast area of building links. But in case of blog comments, the same author is updating the blog whenever he/she wish to be. Everything is in admin’s hand in case of blogs. So it takes time to get your link live.

So, on the whole it has been concluded that forums are a good option of creating links easily than blog comments. Link building is a good option to drive huge traffic to your site and also to improve the rankings of your site in various search engine result pages.

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