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Top 7 Steps to maximize your adsense earnings

1- Boost Traffic

Traffic is the number one in the list. No visitors mean your adsense ads has less chance to get noticed. The more visitors to your site, the higher chance your google ads would be shown. Previous article, I have shared my experience in boosting your traffic. Click here to learn how to boost your site traffic.

2- Have unique and quality content

By having unique and quality content, you would increase your readership level. And if they find it interesting, they would tend to look for more info relating to the topics and therefore more likely to click on the contextual ads.

3- Make Use of AdsLink

AdsLink resembles to your navigational link. If you place them in a correct spot i.e. in the spot where your site navigation is, the chance of getting noticed by visitors is higher and so is your return on investment. You may refer to adsense blog on links units here.
AdsLink has introduced after Ads for Content. AdsLink will displays up to 5 links per sections

4- Ads Placement

No point having a ads that can’t be seen by visitors. Hence, the placement of your ads can have a great impact on your Click To Ratio (CTR). Make the ads appear on top where visitors do not need to scroll anywhere before they could see the ads. Furthermore, make use of the heatmap that Google Adsense provided to help you with the placement. It does help!

5- Use Channel to track your ads

I find Channel is the most practical way to track down your most effective ads placement. With the current state of adsense, Google has allowed up to 200 Channels, hence you could almost track every single ads placement on your site.

6- Make use of images

Put up an images nicely near by the ads could increase your Click To Ratio (CTR) of that particular page. Remember to change the images randomly and often so that it looks as if the ads showing is fresh and new.

7- high paying keywords

No doubt, keywords play a very important role in your over all payout. Imagine if you are getting a 3 cents a click, how many clicks would you need to make a 30US$??? That would be 1000 clicks!!! For starters, getting 50 clicks a day could be a hard job, not to mention 1000 clicks a day.

So what kind of keywords would yield the most? Yes, that’s the question. Usually, the keywords that related to lawyers, electronic stuff, medical fields are among the high paying keywords. If you have an adwords account, it is pretty easy to find out particular keywords highest bids. The same hold true for overture account.


  1. Hi Kerry
    These are amazing tips for a blogger to know about AdSense revenue maximization. Mostly a blogger is seen troubled to get one AdSense Account of his own and after he gets one gets troubles in earning bucks with it.
    Thanks for this great informative read.
    Have a nice.

    • Hello Vashishtha,
      I am very happy to see that you read and liked my article very much. Your appreciation will inspire me to write more useful content for my blog readers. Please keep visiting on my blog.
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