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4 Fast ways to get start with adsense for bloggers

In my previous article about “How to make money with google adsense” I have an introduction to google adsense advertisting scheme for web bloggers.

Today, let me share with you the 4 types of advertising schemes you could benefit from google adsense, They are: Adsense for content, Adsense for search, adsense referal and adsense for feed.

Adsense for content

Adsense for content will let you earn money through a valid clicks on the ads. There are various format you could used to embed the ads inside your site to make it blend nicely to your site. This is the most widely used google adsense ads among blogger, i believe.

Adsense for search

Similar to the google search engine, you provide a search box in any of your web page and when a visitor perfoms a search on the google search box in your blog and click one of the relevant ads displayed in the result page, you earn your commission accordingly.

Adsense referrals

This is a feature lately released by google team. google Referral scheme allows you to increase your revenue when a visitor decides to use particular product from google. Currently (January 2006), two products are available. They are: firefox with Google toolbars and the other is google referral itself.

Adsense for feeds

Under testing stage, this adsense for feeds allows you to maximize your profit by allowing you to show relevant ads in your feeds. Currently, this program i.e. adsense for feeds does not accept any more applications. Hence, you may have to wait till further notice from the google team.

You may use either one of these 4 ways or use them in combination to achieve the best of google adsense earning money scheme for bloggers.

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