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Speed Up Your Site To Convert Your Visitors Into Readers

Do you own a website with a theme that attracts eye balls? You might be facing an issue which is high page load time. The better theme you introduce on your blog/website the more scripts and images it may contain.


To make your blog/website load faster, you can use simple themes, but what if you aim to attract eye balls? You need to optimize that theme. Optimizing can make your site load faster which might convert your visitors in to readers. But this is not the case every time, because only page load speed can’t get you readers, you have to focus on content too. Let’s continue with the topic now!

How Can You Improve Your Site’s Page Load Speed?

There are some factors on which the loading time of a page depends. The main aspect is your Web Hosting, Unless you have your site hosted on a fast web host you would not be able to make your site load faster.

Some Major Factors Which Doesn’t Allow a Web Page To Load Faster:

I am going to show you what factors are forcing your site to load slowly and how can you come over the factors to make your site load faster.

1) Synchronously Loading JavaScript:

Some sites contain JavaScript to make their functionality simply outstanding. But JavaScript which load synchronously on your web page might slow it down. You can make your JavaScript load asynchronously by adding a small snippet of code in your JavaScript. Just add js.async=true; in your JavaScript which is located on the page, this will force your JavaScript to load asynchronously. If you are using WordPress blogging platform you can install Asynchronous JavaScript plugin.

2) Image Dimensions Not Determined:

Specify image dimensions of images which you directly link in your web page code. You can merely use height and width attributes in your html code to specify image dimensions.

3) Over Sized Images:

Image optimization is the main part of this article. The large amount of over sized images you use on your web page the higher chances your page will load slowly. There are many websites available which offer image file size compressing. You can simply use them to compress your images.

4) Content Distribution Network:

You can use a CDN, CDN will serve content to your users from the server to which they are nearby. There are many websites which provide content delivery services, if you ask me I will suggest you to use Max CDN.

5) Defer Calling JavaScript:

Most of the sites praise external JavaScript files in their header. If you delay mentioning external JavaScript files it will affect your page speed. On my blog I have mentioned links of my external JavaScript files in footer.


There are many ways which you can use to optimize your site for a better page speed. If you feel any difficulty regarding improving your site’s page load time, you can ask me for help without any hesitation.

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