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Facebook: The Money Game


Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!!! Who is not familiar with this enormous river? Every individual from every part of world has fever to use it. Now for most of the people it’s a part of daily life. Teenagers are freaks of Social Games on Facebook. Some people indulge in a relationship with Facebook. It is a job portal for many people like me. Many people are facilitating and satisfying their needs from different approaches.


There are some Entrepreneurs too who found some ways on Facebook to make decent amount of bucks using different tactics. These Entrepreneurs are few in numbers but now the amount of individuals are increasing day by day, who are also involve in generating new ways about how to make money with facebook.

I will let you know about some of the most used tactics over internet by which people are not generating few bucks but making thousands of $ in a month. Some of the below money making methods are legal and illegal about which Facebook is also aware and trying to prevent it.

1.       One of the most prominent method will require you to have a Facebook page. If you have a page with great activity and users reach then you can make a living easily by promoting others pages, products, pictures etc.

2.       If along with a page you have a website than you can also make money by driving and targeting social media traffic to your website and can earn money through ad hits.

3.       You can make money by selling your own ebooks or personal selling of products i.e. eCommerce services.

4.       You can generate one time money by selling your Facebook page.

5.       You can offer comment/likes service to different page owners which most of the freelancers do.

6.       You can sell personal account by targeting country wide friends and followers, mostly USA followers or friends are required by buyers.

7.       You can even make money from Facebook Games like zynga poker, farmville etc buy selling zynga poker chips, accounts, gifts etc.

Where to Approach Buyers?

You can find out buyers at:

  • Webmaster Forums & Discussion Portals.
  • Freelance Websites.
  • Groups, Pages & Chat rooms.

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