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How to Guest Blog the Right Way: Finding the Right Guest Blogging Opportunities


Have you ever tried guest posting?

It’s a really good way to drive quality traffic to your blog pages

…It’s much better than blog commenting

…Much better than bookmarking

…And far better than any backlinking method

  • It can help build quality backlinks
  • Drive traffic
  • Grow your rankings
  • And make more money

In this post, I’ll take you by the hand, and show you exactly how to find the right guest blogging opportunities.

Finding the Right Guest Blogging Opportunities

Here’re important things to keep in mind when finding the right guest post opportunities:

When looking for blogs to guest post, your main goal is to find relevant sites-with relevant audience to your industry.

You’re looking for blogs that fit into any of the criteria below:

  • The audience of the blog is interest in your blog topic
  • They’re passionate about it
  • They have readership
  • They’re active and responsive
  • The blog owner is active on social media (Facebook and Twitter).

That means, if you are selling shoes, you will want to find ecommerce stores and blogs with an engaged audience of people who’re interested in fashion. Shoes. And other accessories.

  • Try Google Search

Google is a great place to start. Google can provide any information and will help in your search for guest blogging opportunities

Without further ado, use any of the following keyword searches to find sites that accept guest posts:

Keyword ‘’guest bloggers

Keyword ‘’submit a guest post

Keyword ‘’we are accepting authors

Keyword ‘’we are accepting guest bloggers’

Keyword ‘’guest post by’’

Keyword guest post guidelines’’

Keyword ‘’guest posting opportunities’’

Keyword ‘’guest blogging opportunities’’

These searches should lead to a guest post submission page or actual guest post of other guest bloggers.

  • Know of Any Prolific Guest Blogger In Your NICHE?

If you do, and you read their blogs well enough, approach them. If you write well enough, it shouldn’t be hard to land a guest post.

  • Competitor Backlinks

If you have access to ‘’crazy tools’’ like Open site explorer, you can spy to check at the backlinks of your competitors, and spot blogs they’ve written for. Gather these sites, check their rankings in the search engines, and plan for something even more bigger!

  • Social search

Most guest bloggers share their latest guest posts on social networks. You could try searching through Twitter. Twitter search will do the job!

  • Check out ‘’Buzz’’ blog

Need a list of different guest blogging opportunities?

Check out this post on Buzz blogger. It’s detailed.

Sign up for free, and search for sites accepting guest posts. Or better yet, post your own information, telling other blog owners or guest bloggers as the case may be; that you’re looking to guest post on some relevant blogs. With this, you should come up with something good!

guest blogging

Do you use guest blogging as part of your marketing strategy?

What other factors would you suggest for a startup or business looking to increase or succeed with their guest blogging campaign?

What has worked for you?

What hasn’t?

Do let us know through the comments section below.

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Author Bio: Anthony Morrison is a guest blogging expert based in the Liverpool Area. He’s also the CEO of theseosource.net an affordable and reliable SEO company.

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