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email marketing

Improve your Email Campaign to Increase Conversions!

Email Marketing is a concept unknown to many; let us first take a look at what email marketing really is. All of us have got emails in our inbox which contain promotional offers, these emails remain unopened, we don’ even bother to take a look at what’s inside fearing that it maybe spam or some kind of a virus. These promotional offers are what email marketing actually is.

email marketing

You might think that email marketing maybe complex and time consuming and may divert attention away from the actual business and be a waste of time, but let me tell you something; the correct email marketing plan will not only make your business a success but also drive conversions and result in an increase in ROI. It is also reported that email marketing has access to three times as many user accounts as twitter or Facebook. Here are some email marketing campaigns and ways to improve their rate of conversions:

  • KISSmetrics blog:

The KISSmetric blog keeps its email extremely short and to the point. Although the emails do a fair job of relating the point home there is always room for improvement. The posts of the KISSmetric’s blogs are of good quality and are often accompanied by great images which help in the reader developing a better understanding. It is recommended that a similar approach may be used for the emails as well so as to make them appear a little less dull and less emphasis must be put upon getting the users to sign up, instead the users should be attracted towards reading the blog.

  • DealsDirect.com :

‘DealsDirect’ is doing a good job of sending out sales emails. The emails are not cluttered and the product’s images are clickable and can be navigated easily (without even loading the images). The ‘Shop Now’ link is a great idea and is the main Call to action for the site. However the email has a very crowded footer, a neat and tidy one would be more preferable. Another thing that could be done would be displaying the link “Download the iPhone app” to iPhone users only for a more targeted approach and increased number of hits on this link from the iPhone users.

  • Scottvest.com :

Scottvest has a policy of hosting a daily sale, the email they send out gives a complete overview of the clothing that’s on sale and all the links on the page (header, footer, main body) point to the sale page for easy navigation towards the site. The improvements that could be made to the email include using a big bold ’Daily Sale’ button on the mail instead of the conventional link, short and sweet paragraphs relating the purpose of the email and making the header a bit smaller than it already it is.

  • OKcupid :

‘OKcupid’ uses the simple method of sending out ‘automated emails’ with a very clear and proper call to action. The email includes a helpful ‘Question and Answer’ session at the end and gives you pictures of the men/women so that people can relate more fully to them. However Okcupid uses some very bold colors(Pinks and blues) perhaps some subtle shades such as greens would appear better. Also there should be a check on the language being used and links to complete profiles should be given to put more focus on the call to action of this program.

An email marketing plan isn’t that hard to come up with, a thorough research on the readers of your emails should be done and the content that is being sent out should be of good quality.

Author bio: Patricia is currently working as a technology and marketing consultant at key Difference. She is very passionate about writing articles on Application Development, WebDesign and many other inspiring and informative articles on various niches.

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