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Engaging Articles

5 Steps To Writing Engaging Articles For Advanced Marketers

Caught ya?

Didn’t I?

So today I will be revealing a few of my personal secrets that can be found in the copy and articles I write personally. Make no mistake, not even all my writers know about this…

Here is your chance to know stuff that is so basic and elementary that it is over looked 99% of the time but rarely fails more than 1% of the time, if implemented properly.

Engaging Articles

5 simple tips that might help you to tell apart really good article writers for those who are barely average, apart from their language, that is:

#1. The Title

The title should always be catchy and sorta double edged. At least 40 characters but at most 60 characters in length. And try to include your primary keyword or a variant, if possible. But it should be a pain pain or a question or something that intrigues the reader to read the article body.

#2. Paragraphs

On an average a paragraph must be around 30-60 words. Try to not go over 60 words, if at all, and very rarely at that. Sometimes a single sentence can also act as a para. But on an average 2-5 sentences per paragraph is ideal.

Try to have your keywords (if any) spread throughout the article and not all in merely a single paragraph. Try to include at least 1 or 2 LSI variants in each paragraph.

Please NOTE: Try to have at least one sub heading for every two paragraphs, on an average. Maybe more than that if possible. And these sub headings must be catchy and in bold. But there isn’t any fixed word count for these. Try to include keywords if possible in your sub headings, but don’t over do it!

#3. Sentences

On an average a sentence should be 8-15 words or so. The shorter, the better. Some could be less than 8 words. But try to not exceed 15-20 words on the lengthier side.

#4. An easy read

Bold, italics, underline, lots of sub headings, short paras and short sentences have done your work already.

The next thing is to try to have 15-20% of your article spread over bullet points, if you can, that is. And another 15-20% of your article spread over numbered points.

Of course it depends on the situation. But wherever you can, this allows for an easy read and makes it more engaging.

And finally,

So, I hope you enjoyed my article today.

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