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All Page Rank Links Important

Many times, when webmaster embark on a campaign of blogs, they are obsessed about Google’s vaunted PageRank the page are related.

What a waste of time.

Today’s site with a PageRank of 0 might have a PageRank of 6 in the morning. I have seen this in two separate sites – such as leaving the door, which are graced with a PageRank of 6. Now, before any webmaster who was obsessed with PageRank never link to that site.

While the scenario described is probably not very common, the point is that while a site may be today under range, unless you know the webmaster personally do not know what other efforts that the person is placed on getting the site ranked.

Moreover, a site may have little or no PageRank, but still receive tons of traffic. Thus, it goes to a page that was 11k visitors a day just because it has a Google PageRank of 0?

Yes, I do not think so.

Another key element in consideration is that every single link you get an account on the site. Whether in the shop Joe’s Pizza, Pizza Hut or directly to the search engine, which still counts as two “votes” for your site.

Now, each link lead to different levels of weight in terms of relevance, but if you can not get a link to Pizza Hut, you could get about 1,200 blogs of different Joe Pizza Shop is on the web to compensate.

Reaction is a guide to current attacks. It is true that there are many directories that exist for the sole purpose of making money with Google AdSense, and the directories should be punished accordingly.

However, there are many directory owners have engaged in very specific lists and specific categories related to providing its visitors. These directories are a great resource for search engines because they help to classify the Internet – that is why we will always be important directories on the Web.

Therefore, always get a link from any relevant site whenever he can – regardless of PageRank from Google or any other factor. Even Google was an unknown when it first appeared on the internet.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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