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All You Need To Know About SMO

The search engine optimization is also done through social media optimization. As the name goes social media sites help you promote and advertise your site, community websites for example the blog sites, online communities and podcasts.

Social bookmarking, photo sharing, blogging, videos and networks like social news buttons are the methods adopted in social media optimization. The aim is to gain maximum of the visitors’ interest without any investment on search engine adverts.

Rohit Bhargava of Ogilivy Public Relations first introduced the concept of social media optimization. He formulated fives rules which were later increased in number by other co writers.

Rohit bhargava presents a simple concept of SMO according to which the site should continuously be updated and changed to optimize it so that it can be easily linked and followed up, it is more likely to appear in the search engine that means it should be easy for the visitors to search it through various key words, and finally it should be included in related blog post sand podcasts quite frequently.


Links are created to the site to expand and promote it; social media optimization does this through the following social networking sites: bloggers facebook, squidoo, hubpages, dig, myspace, twitter and delicious.

So how do you make sure that your work is search media optimized?

Getting links for your website

The success and popularity of your site can be gauged through the number of links it has with the search engine, higher the number higher the popularity; it is analogous to the popularity gained by a leader through votes. The popularity index tells that the number of links a website gets through differ sites is what actually measures its popularity.

Tagging and bookmarking

Tagging and bookmarking are the keys to promote your site. You can simply add buttons to your sites button that say “add to favorites” or the ones like “bookmark the site” etc. But that is not all you can add related tags to the main page. The tags that are from the popular bookmarking sites will ultimately increase the visibility of your site

Create inbound links

In search engine ranking inbound links help to give popularity to your content and site. The visibility of the site is increased when you add link such as “back” and “read more”.

Make your content travel

Sites with no updates and changes tend to be stagnant. To make them flow through your niche are it is advised to make frequent changes. This can be done through adding audio files, PDFs, videos and sharing them with related members in your niche. This will allow you to add backlinks to your site.

Allow others to use your content

Two very good examples can help you drive traffic to your website; first the videos that we share through YouTube showing their relevance to our content, through these videos website become more catchy and interesting. RSS feeds usage is another such example which gives association to your content so that people can relate it to their content and get benefit from it.

Some views on social media optimization

Some corns of SMO include threats like link framing and spamming. Moreover people bookmark their content to other sites unaware of the poor quality of their content that is not appreciated and entertained because sometime the content is not original.

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