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5 Insanely Great Google Adwords Automation Tricks


Filters play a great role in enhancing the performance of the Google account. When you want to make more out of the Google Adwords, then you can find the automation tricks, which guarantee high work for your creativity and satisfaction of your clients. You can find that these can be customized, and you can do it all by yourself. Filters are similar to that of the bid automation tools you can find in the third party sites. You can find several pros when you use these Adwords filters. Get the best five automation tricks for Google Adwords. You can find such automation tricks at different sites.

  1. Goosebump

Your customers can never always have the long-term goals. You would be urged to do things to suit the short term goals of your clients. For instance, a travel industry client may require increasing the volume by relaxing the permissible CPA. Volume boost cannot be done perfectly always. When you have been doing this for over a year or so, you would have tried different optimization strategies. Start with analyzing the past trends, and start changing with a few keywords. You will find that the only difference between this method and the conventional method is that the data is of the very recent past.

  1. Quality Watchdog

At times, low quality score keywords can generate some good business. You need to work on this in three steps. You have to pause the keyword, with QS of three or less. Then check for the low quality score keywords that are not checked for 2 years or more. You need to check if the account manager you use currently is perfect for the task. Then start with the pertinent ad copy, start implementing the sitelinks, and also start evaluating the landing pages. The filter used is all keywords with less than the score of 3, a data range of previous 6 months, and choose the keywords and pause them.

  1. Keyword Mythbuster

Many times, the keywords used are not relevant. You can find keywords like ‘buy’ and ‘wholesale’ for a wide range of products from water filters to furniture. But they do not suit in all circumstances and fall out. You need to use the filter explained here. Find all the keywords text that contains the phrase buy. Then the data range should for the past one year. At the bottom of the page, you can get the statistics. Start comparing with the selected keywords with the entire campaign. This lets you find a drastic change in the methodology of the bid levels.

  1. Group Love

When you concentrate on the data range that is small for the keywords, then you should also not forget about the aggregate keyword data. You should start looking for group data, and now you can use the following filter. Your date range should be for the past one year. The clicks should be greater than 100. You need to find out the ad groups that odd. If you have lesser number of groups say between 30 and 40, then you need to start making bid changes immediately. If the groups are more than 200, then you should work on managing it.

  1. Match Game 13

When you face the problems of keywords that are broad matched and still underachieve. Use the next filter. Fix the parameters of the underperforming keywords of the past few months. You need to add the match type parameter which will be checking only broad match. Match the types and bring down the bid by 8 percent. Then you can find the specific keywords getting all attention.

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