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Understanding Google Spam Action And Learning To Deal With It


Penalty is a very controversial topic in SEO. Last year Google has introduced a tool which will help you to ascertain whether your site has been manually penalized. In spamming electronic message systems are used to send unsolicited messages. Google keeps track on search results which are spam. It combats them in two ways. It applies penalties and uses algorithmic updates to remove sites which do not meet the levels of quality. Sites are manually reviewed by the Google web spam team. If the Google team finds that your site has violated the quality guidelines penalties will be levied against your site.

A manual spam action

You may wake up one morning to find that the traffic of your site has dropped by 95%. When this occurs it is known as manual spam action. Formerly site owners had difficulty in ascertaining whether poor site performance was due to manual penalty. In recent years, manual spam action can be easily resolved with manual actions tools which have been introduced by Google. These tools help the site owners to discover why penalties have been levied, whether the site has been manually penalized and which pages have been affected.

Types of actions

Google can take two types of actions. Your site can be affected by manual action or algorithmic action. After a manual spam action, you can send a reconsideration request. The damage caused by this kind of action is not very severe. After an algorithmic action, all you can do is take steps to improve your site’s ranking. Once your site is improved it will start to reappear in the Google search results. Sending reconsideration requests will be of no use. Your site will be penalized if it has unnatural links or it does not follow the Google content guidelines.

Manual action viewer

You can use the recently launched manual action viewer to find out about the actions which have been taken by the manual web spam team. You can learn about the actions of the team which has directly affected your site’s ranking in Google’s search results. To try this new tool you can go to webmasters tools and click on “Manual Action”. The manual action viewer will show the problems under two headings. The problems are listed under site-wide matches and partial matches. Google will point out the problems which exist. After you correct the violations of Google’s quality guidelines you must request reconsideration.

Dealing with manual actions

Google launched manual action spam in order to deal with keyword stuffing, thin content or content which has no value, user created spam or unnatural links from your site. Ranking of a site gets directly affected after a spam action has been placed on it. With the help of Webmasters Tools, you will get to see the list of manual actions against your site. To revoke manual actions spam you will have to correct the problems which exist with your site or links. You do not have to get the manual action revoked if you your site have been targeted with spam which has been maliciously created.

Rectifying mistakes

If your site violates Google’s quality guidelines the manual web team can remove your domain completely from the search results. Your site’s ranking can get affected. The actions taken by the team will vary from one website to another. You will receive a notification from Google if a manual spam action has been taken. You will be able to check your site’s status with the help of a manual action viewer. You will have to take necessary action to restore your site’s ranking. At times by making minor corrections you will be able to restore original status of the site.

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