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Take Necessary Action When Google Spam Action Is Applied On Your Website


Google takes action against web spam frequently. Google uses web spam control methods to demote sites which do not abide by Google’s quality guidelines. It combats spam search results by applying penalties manually or by making use of algorithmic updates. It removes those sites from search results which offer poor user experience. Google manual action spam has been designed to deal with problems which include hidden text, keyword stuffing, thin and irrelevant content and unnatural links. If you wake up one morning to discover that your site has disappeared then perhaps the Google web spam team has blocked your site.

Manual spam action

You can take the help of manual web spam action tool which has been launched recently. In recent times, Google has become aggressive about enforcing its terms of use. If you publish poor quality content on your site or engage in online behavior which violates the Google’s guidelines it will be interpreted as spamming. Even if your site’s ranking has fallen in the search engine results you can mend the situation. Google has employed a team of auditors who browse the internet to search websites which violate the company’s terms of use. Do not panic when Google takes manual action on your site.

Violating guidelines

Manual spam actions can be of different kinds. In case of cloaking, your site will be violating the terms of use. If you receive a message which states “hacked site” this indicates that your website has been hacked by a third-party. Google manual action may be applied to sites if they are hosted on services which are spam. It is important that you monitor your site regularly and remain alert of spam. Manual spam actions can be applied if there is keyword stuffing in your website. If a word has been repeatedly used several times it will pull down the quality of your content.

Keeping spam at bay

If you buy links Google will penalize your site. If your page does not contain unique and original content manual spam action will be applied. By availing the services of an SEO expert, you can discuss methods in which you can avoid spam. You can steer clear of penalties by adopting intelligent and effective tactics. If you want to seek reconsideration ensure that you abide by Google’s quality guidelines. If you feel that content published on your website is not relevant to users delete it at once.

Taking the right measure

Google combats spam in two ways. It applies manual penalties and algorithmic updates. It also makes use of crawl bots to do the work. This can remove your domain from Google search results. After your page rank has dropped or you have received a WMT message it is essential that you read the contents of the message carefully. This will help you to ascertain where you went wrong and figure out what you will have to do. Make sure that you read the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and understand how you have to act. After reading the guidelines, you can send reconsideration and wait for Google’s action.

Annulling a manual spam action

To revoke a google action spam, you will have to arrest the problems which exist with your site. You will have to resolve the problems and request for review. If your site has been targeted by maliciously created spam Google will take necessary action against the offenders. Google will report it as a manual action to make you aware about the situation. The time needed to make the repairs will vary from one website to the other. After a reconsideration request, Google acts promptly within few days.

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