4 tips for adsense beginners

5-Important-AdSenseGet a Domain Name

Go ahead and get yourself a domain name such as http://www.yourdomain.com rather than using one free available host. This is because instead of shortdomain name, you tend to get http://www.somehost.com/folder/yourdomain/. Worst still, free host usually comes with many popup and annoyance ads. Secondly, it looks more professional to have your own domain name.

Content Rich Site

If you wish to be successful with google adsense, you would have to learn to love to write. In doing so, it is best to choose a topic that interest you or a topic that you have the expertises in. Don’t like to write? Dont have to worry. There’s two ways you could do if you do not wish to write. You may hire someone to write for you. It usually costs 2 or 3$ for an article of 500 words. Second method is to get freely available article from http://www.articlecity.com which provides free reprint right.

Simple Design

Content is the king, your main site should be as simple yet professional as possible. The reason is that, your site’s main purpose should be focusing on providing useful content to visitors and not much of the design. Simple design would not confuse visitors and as a result visitors tend to come to visit your site more often.

Getting Traffic to your site

Getting traffic to your site is the most important key to be successful with adsense. The more visitors visit your site, the better. You would have to learn how to get traffic to your site, especially from three prominent search engine namely google, yahoo and msn. You should also get involved with link swamping or link exchange with other site of similar content. This is another way to get free traffic to your site.

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