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5 Best and Easy ways to boost your online traffic

1- Participate in an active forum

Get yourself known in an area of your expertise by participate in a busy forum in your niche. In each niche erea, there definitely are several active and busy forums for your participation. Be part of those forums by posting question and answering tough and easy questions. Soon after you have built your credibility, people would be very interested to know who you. As a result, they would click on your signature, see your profile or even search for your name in the search engine.

2- Have a signature in your email

Create a custom signature file in your email. When composing an email, whether to your old friends, colleagues or family, it is always good idea to add this signature file. You should create an interesting enough signature file to tempt your mail’s recipients to click on it. For example, instead of “my slimming site“, you could say “Get Slim Fast Method“.

3- Let your friends and family knows about your site

Buzz marketing works very well in online business. Tell your friends and family about your site and share with them the benefits of your site. You may not get all your friends’ interest but the traffic lies in those who share the same interest as you. From one friends, he may refer more friends. His friends may refer yet another couple of friends. From time to time, the traffic build up and at the same time, you get a good targeted audience.

4- Have your site list in web directory

After you have your site up with decent contents, submit your site to many web directory out there, big or small. Even a small, not so well known, directory may also help you bringing in traffic as well, you would never know ;) . In addition, it is a good place to get good one way inbound link. I understand the frustration of finding many web directory at one go but by searching on Google and Yahoo you can find them easily.

5- have an advertising campaign

If you wouldn’t mind paying some extra cost, it is always a good idea to have an advertising campaign. This would include link exchange, link buying, banner exchange and PPC (Pay Per Click).

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  1. Now its important to have a advertising campaign along with SEO , as it is one of easiest way to boost your traffic… Anyways Good post. Keep on updating. Recommended

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