Writing Informative Articles Vs SEO Articles

Writing an informative article is very easy especially if you have lots of knowledge on a certain topic, but making this article to be a search engine optimized article without compromising the content, I don’t think it will be possible.  The idea of repeating again and again in the article your target keywords will be irritating to the readers, but it will be good for the search engine.

As the saying goes, “You can not serve two masters at the same time” fall in this Writing Informative Articles vs. SEO Articles.  But webmasters could not avoid to maintain search engine friendly articles for their website to stay on top of the SERP.  As you can see through forum websites, people in there continue to buy/sell articles, most especially search engine optimizes articles.  And could not tell also the number of buyers for informative articles.

The length of an informative article may take up to 500 words or more, but not for search engine optimized article which takes only at least 250 words article, again, targeting the same keyword again and again.  Writers, even those newbies could make such search engine friendly articles, just give them the keyword to be utilized and they’re on. This is actually one of the reasons why the writing article industry continue to surge.  In fact, whatever article the writer will write on, whether it be search engine friendly or not, it sells like cakes because of the fact that webmasters and internet entrepreneurs need articles for their websites.

But of course, writing informative articles cost more expensive because these articles are helpful and can benefit a number of people. Which is which, both types of articles sell like cakes through the internet.  So, if you are planning to make some money through the internet today or in the future, I would like to suggest you start leaning the ways on how to write an article.

Author: Kerry Tiwana

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