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Article Writing – A Profitable Diversion

Do you know why writing articles is one of the most profitable income generating method through out the internet?

Obviously because article is the main source and food in the internet.  Without these articles, the internet will not last this long.  The internet should not become popular without articles.  Google should not have been survive without those articles which had been utilized during their first decade. This is why internet marketers, internet entrepreneur, bloggers, webmasters and all those humans and robots lurking the world wide web use articles to make them have the place in the internet.The-Facts-You-Need-To-Know-For-Marketing-Onlin

This also one of the best and easiest ways on how to make money through the internet.  Writing articles that deals with you knew, you do not know or even a simple experiment laid in writing could be generated to make you money.

Through the writing articles, you will generate money online using only a couple of click there and another click there.  You can try, write at least 5 articles with the same thought but with different style in presenting that thought, articles that targeting the same keyword or the same topic and you are on.

The next step will be creating an account on forum website which have article services or content service thread.  just slap the article (title only not the whole article, maybe a brief summary) there and surely, you will be bombarded with offers you can’t imagine.  Actually, I’ve been doing this for sometime now and you know what? I just sold 4 articles with around 400 words per article for $4 dollars each. Just receive the money from my Paypal account.

One thing more, you need also to create your paypal account to receive the money from the buyer of your articles. Check out Paypal.com for more details. Of course, when writing articles it should be written and not copied from anywhere in through the internet.  Just make sure you are writing unique article and not rewriting articles.  There’s a huge difference here and those articles buyer will know if your article is unique, rewritten or copied.

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