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What you really need for online promotion

In current scenario internet is the ocean of website, here are a lots of website on every topics and thousand added daily, so if your website is not in the top three (#3) page in search engine SERP for relevant query, then your site also not different from other.website-promotion

In SEO world, a professional know that every person who using search engine show interest in top three pages websites, if he/she visit more page and click on your website links its bonus for you.

Search Engine

Online or Web search engine( for ex. Google, Yahoo, bing) is a special type software that design and develop for any topics, subject, and other information, when user ask a query software search related information on page called  Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in the form of text, images or video.

Every search engine has its own small program robots, web crawler and other, for collect information from websites, directories, blog and real time news or information for save in database, for show on result.

Some have geographically limited scope that are dedicate to a specific country, but major Search Engines are working as Multilingual. And some are divided in category such as Job search engine i) Bixee.com (India), ii) CareerBuilder.com (USA), search for people here Comfibook, Ex.plode.us

List of popular search engines

  1. Google(google.com) work in Multilingual
  2. Yahoo!(search.yahoo.com) Multilingual
  3. Bing (bing.com) Multilingual
  4. Blackle.com – Active, Google Search
  5. Ask.com- Active
  6. Goo (goo.ne.jp) in Japanese language, dedicate for Japan
  7. Guruji.com (guruji.com) from India.
  8. Yandex.ru Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
  9. Yandex  Active, Launched global (English) search
  10. ZipLocal Canada/United States
  11. Lycos
  12. Go.com- Active, Yahoo Search.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Have you give attention any time while you use internet for search your term or query, mostly quality sites show that related to what you search, these are the search results and these page called Search Engine Results Pages, the number of pages depends on your query its may be from page 1 to hundred, or more.

Often average user check first three pages for result and in many cases he/she get her/his answer so the chance for click on next page is less.

Is you really need for website promotion?

If you are using only word of mouth, sponsored ads, trusted recommendations, promoted video, positive reviews from friends, these all are good for advertising but not sufficient to list your sites in search engine juice result page. If you want business from your website you must optimize it for search engine and for visitor.

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