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Does Penguin 2.1 Signal the End for SEOs?

With Google updates seemingly being rolled out every couple of months these days, you could be forgiven for feeling a little lost when talking about your SEO strategy for 2013. Google Penguin 2.1 (also known as Penguin 5) was rolled out on the 4th October and it left many website owners panicking after their rankings within Google search collapsed. XRumerGeek is just one of the many SEO providers which has had to make drastic changes since Penguin to ensure their search results and service quality remained high.Google Penguin 2.1The Penguin 2.1 update targeted over optimized websites, this could include websites with an excessive backlink profile (too many paid links), or webmasters who have overdone it on their anchor texts and not been diverse enough to avoid a hammer blow from Google. Diversity is key these days; there are few SEO experts who would disagree with that statement.  Not only do webmasters need to consider the type of links they are obtaining (this should be as varied as possible, ensuring you are getting links from countless difference sources), but they also need to consider the frequency of how often they use their target keywords as anchor texts for these links.

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In years gone by, SEO could be considered fairly simple by many us. Good on page optimization coupled with high quality contextual one way links with our keywords as anchor text was a sure fire way to move up the rankings irrespective of how competitive the niche may already be. This is no longer the case. SEOs are being forced to incorporate link types that they have never used before (SAPE, private blog networks, PAD submissions etc) and they are also learning that anchor text variation is crucial- and including naked urls, branded terms, and generic anchors such as “click me” and “read more” should now be included in any legitimate SEO strategy for 2013.

The recent changes have certainly rocked the Internet Marketing world, but you would be mistaken to think that this signals the end for SEO as we know. SEO is a constantly evolving world, like a giant game of cat and mouse between Google and the SEOs. You need to either adapt, or accept the fact that you’ll be left behind. Link building still works, the goalposts have merely moved. Many methods including the “Churn & Burn” strategy which countless blackhat SEOs and internet marketers use STILL works, you just need to think outside the box.

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