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Using Content To Beat Your Competition in 2017


Since webmasters started building websites, many things have changed. New scripts have been written, new tools created for helping individuals create awesome interacting websites, and new website designs are always seen. On the other hand, one thing that has not changed and will never change is producing high-quality content.

As a matter of fact, today it is even more important to create original and high-quality content than ever before. Google has gotten quite a bit smarter than it once was when webmasters could just stuff keywords in their pages and rank high on Google. This was before Hummingbird. Hummingbird is actually smarter than another script and can actually analyze pages of your website to ensure your content actually has something to do with your keywords and if your pages are truly providing quality content. So, now instead of searching online for relevant pages only to find spam or articles that have nothing to do with what you need, you will find in the results the closest match to your question or keywords you put in the search box.

#1. Content That Goes Viral

Yes, you still need to use your SEO techniques, however, in order to convert readers into paying customers, you must keep them on your page. So what makes an article go viral.

Everyone wants their readers to share their posts. However, you must first get the reader’s attention and keep it or they will quickly leave your page. The very first thing you need is a title that grabs attention. However, if your title has nothing to do with the rest of the article, you have actually caused your reader to lose faith in you, your products, or services.

Viral content is articles that are interesting, answer a question, provide accurate advice, surprises your audience, or tells them how to do something. When you know what your customers are looking for it is much easier to write articles that will appeal to your readers.

If your blog pertains to cooking pasta, then you do not want recipes for apple pie. Your blog should cover all things pasta including reviews of pasta makers, cooking utensils, and recipes for various pasta dishes. Your readers are there to learn more about cooking pasta and nothing more.

#2. Creating Original Quality Content

It can be difficult at times to come with fresh ideas for your blog or your company website, however, it is not impossible. Google loves new content, but of course, if the article is saying the exact same thing time and time again it will not have any leverage. It is important to come up with a new twist on old ideas. There are many articles stating that content is king and we all know that, however, there are new ways to improve your content so your readers will enjoy reading your blog posts. Do research on your topic? Let’s use cooking pasta again. You have several recipes on your website along with all kinds of reviews of various equipment used in making pasta, but do you have any new and fresh ideas of creating pasta for vegans or recipes that are gluten-free? If not, then this would be a wonderful way to add fresh and new quality content without rehashing the same old ideas.

Do research on your topic and learn about recipes from the past as well as new ideas. There are so many different ways you can turn your blog into a valuable website offering the information your readers are looking for no matter what the topic might be.


  1. The one rule that remains the same is that content is still king. Without content marketing, it’s very difficult to be found through Google.

  2. Very useful tips, with this I can say I now understand a whole lot. Thanx

  3. Right now, I’m trying to improve one of my blog posts which is ranking #2 on search. I believe my article is much stronger than the one in the #1 position, but that article was written 2 months before mine. I’m now writing other articles that link to it and doing some off site work and more social sharing.

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