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What to Expect from Social Media in Future


Very few of us turn on the PC to read the hot news; we rather use our mobile phones and apps. And we almost never come to the official website as all the publications are long available on social networks, and that seems much more convenient.

I believe social networks have the potential to become a point of convergence of all these trends and meet the needs of business in finding the most effective ways of working with audiences (or rather with the end customer). I think that we will soon see an amazing transformation of social networks into a single, interactive media space integrated into the life of an ordinary person.

I can assume that in the future ten years, we will see a lot of new interesting phenomena, including:

  • Giant social media. I predict the birth of a large – many times bigger than any TV channel-independent media, fully available in social networks. Moreover, these media will have an independent army of correspondents around the world.
  • Entertainment content from social networks. The appearance of a very expensive, ambitious, interesting and interactive content which will be made by social networks. It will be the coolest interactive shows with hundreds of millions of audience.
  • Social government. We can expect the emergence of new political parties, united and inspired by new ideas. As well as the prominent international leaders, followed by millions. By the way, don’t exclude the emergence of new religious movements with their spiritual leaders and teachers.
  • Marketing and targeting of the next generation. We will see new ways of advertising allowing targeting based on complex behavioural and psychographic aspects of the individual.
    • For instance, take new advertising from Snickers, named “impulsive targeting.” Sometimes you want to eat a bar, but don’t know where the nearest candy shop is. The essence of the impulsive targeting lies in understanding the true desires of consumers at a particular time. Like many brands, Snickers experiments with programmatic and uses creative, relevant context to increase the coverage. I believe that identifying those special moments when people suddenly stumble upon impetuous desires will lead to the fact that brands will refuse from the traditional, based on demographic criteria, approaches to ad targeting.
  • Mega-corporations in social networks. Information products (design, advertising, and education) will create a new social structure located exclusively in social networks. Over time, these structures will become well-known brands, and the work in them will be in high demand among the geeks.
  • Social hypermarkets. Of course, the boundaries between sites, online stores, and social networks will be diluted, and we will see how goods and services will coexist with people in social networks. We’ll easily find ratings and reviews for any product right in social networks.
    • Facebook has begun testing new mobile capabilities for the online sellers – Shopping Feed, a separate product tape, and full-screen interactive ads. Both innovations are designed to facilitate the search of products on Facebook and increase the likelihood of purchase. Participants in the testing of new functionality will be able to find a commercial feed in the “favourites” section in the mobile app.
  • The world-scale entertainment. Shortly, we’ll see huge shows, in which a mix of graphics, technology, and performances of pop stars will rise to incredible shows, and you can pay a few dollars to be a part of it online.
  • Smart media. Neural networks are one of the most high-tech technologies of this year. Right now, it’s available to mass markets. Previously, we were recommended articles on the same subject or those that people usually read after; in the future, the system will become more intelligent and will offer something that is interesting to the specific user.
  • Interactive series. Not only watch but also create and participate in soap operas – that will become reality soon. Social networks will be not just interactive platforms with a huge audience but also creative producers and studios.


One can endlessly imagine what could happen with social networks in the future, but it is already clear that social networks, with high probability, may become places where ordinary users meet innovations. To make it real, social networks have to maintain the loyalty of a new generation that they have managed to gather under their brands.

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