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Top 5 Internet Affiliate Predictions for 2012

There is a growing question these days regarding the future of affiliate markets over the Internet in 2012. There has been much debate on the issue that how is the industry going to meet the expected challenges during this coming year including the weak performance of Amazon and onslaught of sales taxes. The industry needs to devise ways for generating traffic to their affiliate sites through every possible way. Here are the top five predictions about internet affiliate market for the year 2012:

1. Google Panda:

There might not be anyone who is unaware of the fact that Google has pushed the spammy affiliate sites with its incremental updates from the top search result pages. There is more expectation from Google during the coming year too. If you are an owner on one such spammy site too then it is better to create improved content for the coming year.

2. Social Media:

The kind of recommendation and sharing that happens on social networking sites will become a part of every other site in the coming year too. It is hence expected that it might become harder for affiliate sites to monetize their accounts on the big-name sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. It is also believed that Facebook will see more users in the coming year which will even reach to 1 billion.

3. Online Poker:

The lack of legislation that governs online poker in the United States will continue this uncertainty cast over online poker industry during 2012 too. While certain clear guidelines regarding online gambling would be able to make some sense for the country but it is expected that this might not get done in 2012.

4. Mobile:

People are finding it more convenient to buy stuff online. This develops the need for affiliates to embrace mobile during the year 2012. More consumers shopped through their mobile phones in the recent shopping season hence the number is expected to grow more in the coming year too. All this is because of the rise of advanced technologies in most advanced phones.  This is also a fact that new internet does not exist on your computer anymore and the content has shifted to smart phones and tablet devices. The search experience has become completely different for consumers due to innovations like Siri, back-end and interface changes.

5. Growth of affiliate market:

Forrester, a market research firm has predicted that retailers are expected to spend around $4 billion on affiliate market in the coming years. The percentage remains 16 every year.

The rise of innovation in online technology and the ways through which we can consume, engage or discover can be quite a challenge to keep up with. It is better to anticipate your own place in this digital world according to the future trends. The idea about the coming years is that our everyday objects will also get equipped with internet-containing electronics which will give a rise to more applications. The coming year is certainly going to make you hear more about these things.

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