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Top 10 Commanding SEO Trends – You Must Follow

In today’s digital landscape online visibility is the most crucial element for any business as consistent changes are happening in every industry. Therefore, stay up to date with these changes is extremely important to ensure that your online presence is optimized & stay ahead in the large competition. SEO has been playing a major role in ranking up your website. However, it has been misused by many to get the irrelevant content on the top of the search engines. But, now the search engines became smarter and they are capable enough to eliminate unnecessary non-worthy stuff and irrelevant information from search results.

For example, Google released more than 500 updates every year, with most of them modifying their secretive search engine ranking algorithm. Thus, these Google algorithms only put valuable & relevant content on the top. That is why search engine optimization has become important for all the businesses and enterprises to enhance site traffic, better customer engagement, and increase ROI.

With improving technology to monitor SEO tactics, new trends continue to emerge. SEO trends are also changing by including new innovative ideas and great features in order to bring you relevant material and effective tactics that will get higher ranking for your website.

So, let’s have a look at the emerging trends of SEO:

#1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

A quick loading website is key to any business success and it plays a crucial role in SERP listings. Google search results algorithm will apparently follow those with faster speeds. In fact, Google has established accelerated mobile pages that allow individual web pages to load 4 times faster than regular pages and use 10% of the data only. This clearly means that the pages that are loaded faster are more likely to be ranked higher. This is an emerging trend in SEO that can place your website on the top.

#2. Relevant and well-structured content

As we have discussed that Google algorithm will only consider relevant & valuable content. If your content is not relevant then it might be ignored by the Google bots. So, presenting your content relevant to your business is essential to stay in the game. Also, add structured data enables users to understand what your site is about. The content structure with proper headings and subheadings are easily identified and will get the top spots.

#3. Voice search

A great invent that leads to the individuals discussing the up and coming age of internet search technology the voice search. Google states say that 40% of overall searches use voice search every day. One can find their answers quickly with voice-based search options. The aim of SEO is to make sure that the site targets properly for the audience it wants to attract and rank well with major search engines. To follow this trend is necessary to maintain your competitive advantage.

#4. Quality backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO and more effective in maintaining the quality of the website. Always link the pages with valuable links that provide informative and relevant information to the users. Link building should be implemented as a long-term strategy which helps the people to develop their brand. This trend continues to play a vital role in implementing effective SEO techniques.

#5. Mobile optimization

With the high utilization of mobile devices, Google has made it clear that the websites are compatible & optimized with different mobile devices will be ranked higher in SERP listings. Users can access a website anywhere at any time and that results in increased conversions and leads for a business. Mobile-friendliness is more important than ever now as the competition is quite high and only those who are using smart SEO strategies will survive.

#6. Social media signals

Social media an ever-evolving platform that connects millions of users in a single platform. Its association with the search engine and SEO practices could result in a huge success. Businesses can generate higher profits by focusing on social media integration on search engines. For a successful marketing campaign with various SEO techniques, social media is an effective tool and quickly create brand awareness all across the world.


HTTPS is more secure than HTTP as it encrypts and filters all the communication between a web browser and a website. This secures the risk of viruses and attacks from an unsecured network. Therefore, the sites with HTTPS encryption are rank higher over the other sites. Usage of this SEO trend result in secure, safe, and reduce virus risks.

#8. Focus on UX

Great User experience helps people take a good benefit of your website before moving on. It is important for search engine optimization to get top ranking websites. A better UX brings you with easy navigation, increased readability, control over site page load, etc. Therefore, it has been focused on by many as one of the core SEO strategies and definitely plays a crucial role in getting a website top ranking & increased visibility.

#9. Featured snippets

Create rich snippets for the individual page of your website as they have become very crucial in the last few years. Almost 30% of all the searches in Google having snippets or quick answers. As long as you provide easy and clear answers to the complex queries, you will continue to increase your chances of more visits and well ranking.

#10. Videos

In the last few years, video content has increased rapidly. A video is socially shared to invite links and significantly help in the overall marketing plan. Quality content with videos are always attractive and significantly increase conversions for your business and brand. Valuable and attractive videos sharing trend is an important aspect of SEO that helps in getting higher ranking and more visibility of your website.


Above-mentioned are some leading SEO trends that are dominating in every industry domain. Structure your website in such a manner that it is mobile-friendly, amazing user experience, highly secure, rich content, attractive videos, social media-friendly, enable voice search, the rich snippet with the help of SEO tactics. However, SEO is continuously changing a landscape so you need to be updated with the latest SEO trends in order to increase the visibility of your site and getting top position on the search engines.

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