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Salesforce Consultant certification

The Road to Becoming a Successful Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce consultants can assist an organization get the most out of its Salesforce CRM by working in-house or as external consultants. Customers undergo a business analysis to study their company’s goals and operations, what they require and how technology may assist them.

Salesforce consultants also have the technical know-how to develop and deploy solutions that can help businesses enhance their operations and performance. They’ve been used to help change how a team works to maximize customer satisfaction and organizational success

A knowledgeable consultant is familiar with the platform and has robust business analysis and project management skills.

It’s important to note that  Salesforce Consultant certification requires Salesforce System Administrator certification. As a result, this certification must come first. According to Salesforce, candidates must have at least 2-3 years of work experience as a business analyst or functional consultant and accomplish all of the tasks stated in each exam objective. As a result, following a defined learning path involving training, real-world projects, and hands-on experience is vital.

Who Is Eligible to Take the Certification Exam?

A Salesforce Consultant develops and implements Salesforce-based insights to assist customers in achieving their business goals. The consultant will be in charge of Sales Cloud solution installation and has prior expertise in developing solutions that improve Sales Cloud functioning.

The consultant combines industry expertise and Salesforce application competence in ordinary customer circumstances. Salesforce Consultants must have at least one year of Salesforce, sales, and business solution development experience.

The candidate should cover the following areas of expertise:

  • It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the consultation process.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • A precise knowledge of the capabilities and features of Sales Cloud.
  • A thorough understanding of database and data management concepts.
  • Understanding of the discovery process, as well as the requirements for acquiring and documenting information.

While possessing any Salesforce certification, you must remember that since Spring 2020, Salesforce-certified professionals must undertake one maintenance module annually to keep their certificate relevant and up to date.

It’s vital to keep track of when your Salesforce certification expires if you have one. Your certificate will expire if you do not fulfil your maintenance module before the deadline. It’s also important to note that one certification’s validity could affect another’s eligibility. Visit the Salesforce Trailhead website to learn more about keeping your credentials current.

What does the Road to Becoming a Salesforce Consultant look like?

One of the first things you should consider if you want to work as a Salesforce Consultant is the credentials and experiences you’ll need. If you have previous sales expertise, start with a product you are most familiar with, such as the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification.

You might discover that your previous work experience will help you become a Salesforce Consultant. The more you work with Salesforce, the more likely you will rise to higher-paying roles, mainly if your CV or resume includes a Salesforce Consultant credential.

While a respected online platform will provide you with the necessary training and understanding, you’ll still need the following soft skills:

  • Don’t be hesitant to follow your instincts.
  • Be resourceful and innovative.
  • Be enthusiastic about your work.
  • Make a firm commitment to overcoming whatever challenges arise.
  • Be an excellent problem-solver.
  • Pay close attention.
  • Be self-disciplined.

Along with the aforementioned soft skills, keep in mind the exam preparation tips discussed below.

Salesforce Consultant Exam Preparation Strategy

  1. Prepare with a Trustworthy Source

One of the most effective ways of preparing for certification is using a reputable learning platform. Choosing the right platform will determine whether you will pass or fail the certification exam. Therefore, it is important that you pick the most reliable training platform.

saasguru takes a learner-centred approach, creating customized study plans for its students that include mock tests, flashcards, and one-on-one engagement with industry professionals.

You’re invited to join the saasguru Slack Community as well. Study groups, in our opinion, are an essential part of Salesforce certification preparation. As a result, you can alleviate all of your concerns by joining our Slack Community and interacting with other learners and Salesforce experts.

  1. Boost Your Productivity

It’s a good idea to start practising as many mock examinations as possible after you’ve opted for a platform for your cert prep. These practice exams can help you enhance your skills and identify areas where you may be deficient in information and concepts.

Mock tests or practice exams can aid in exam preparation by familiarising you with the exam structure and questions and the quality of answers you should produce. The results are significant since they can help you enhance your study method before appearing for the certification exam.

  1. Go Over the Salesforce Study Guide and Exam Outline Thoroughly

Following the Salesforce study guide suggestions is the most effective approach to preparing for the Salesforce Consultant certification. Trailhead also provides access to online documentation, a user guide, and the exam section for each topic.

Before beginning any certification preparation, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly review the exam outline and become familiar with it. This will aid the candidate in comprehending the certification format and devising a strategy for preparing for the exam.






60 Multiple- choice/ Multiple select questions and 5 non-scoring questions.



Time Allotted



105 minutes (time allowed for unscored questions)


Passing Score





Registration Fee



USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law


Retake Fee



USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law





Salesforce Admin Certification


Delivery Options



Online or On-site


  1. Register for the Exam and Create an Effective Study Strategy

When we talk about how to start studying for a certification exam, the first and most crucial step is registering for it. You can choose a comfortable date and time for yourself when you register, which will help you stick to a solid study plan. You’ll also know which study topics to focus on and how to effectively divide your time between resting and studying.

You will be more concentrated and goal-oriented, and you will be less prone to falter.

Also, signing up for an online course is, without a doubt, beneficial. However, making a study plan to assist you in gaining a better, more realistic picture of how the exam will go may be helpful. You can achieve this by making a timetable that organizes your study topics, prep hours, exam objectives, and other obligations. You’ll acquire confidence and a greater understanding of what you need to work on.

  1. Don’t Ignore your Health

It’s natural to feel anxious while preparing for such an important exam; thus, before commencing your preparation, sit down and think clearly and calmly. Allow yourself to unwind and focus on your physical and emotional well-being.

Remember that putting in the effort pays a reward if you do it well. You can ace the exam with the best scores with sufficient training and self-study.

Is It Worth It To Get A Salesforce Consultant Certification?

Yes, certification is beneficial to your Salesforce Consultant career path.

To prove real-world Salesforce experience, certifications are required. The essential thing is to figure out which certificate is best for you based on your background and skill level. This demonstrates your dedication to your profession and initiatives and can help you develop your career, especially if you’re looking for a senior position. Prepare your finances ahead of time, manage your calendar, and stay current on credential updates. Join a Salesforce community forum to discuss various certifications and remain present with the Salesforce ecosystem.

Maintaining your qualification is likewise necessary, as well as planning for your company’s future development. Sharing your success will motivate and inspire others to achieve their objectives.

Responsibilities and Roles of a Salesforce Consultant on a Day-to-Day Basis

The Salesforce Sales Consultant is responsible for the following tasks daily:


  • Day-to-day administration, CRM platform maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Managing the creation of essential reports and dashboards, as well as data quality and management.
  • Recommending new features and enhancements to get the most out of the platform.
  • Developing relationships with essential stakeholders to improve operations and processes.
  • Provide technical requirements and manage the company’s entire documentation.
  • Implement security best practices and set security guidelines.


Obtaining certifications demonstrates your dedication to continuing your knowledge. Candidates must be well-prepared and keep up with the latest data on certification courses and syllabus updates to clear the Salesforce Consultant exam.

Due to the multiple advantages that the Salesforce platform provides to its customers, more companies are moving their CRM to Salesforce, prompting the engagement of professionals to help them. As a result, you can rest easy, knowing that considering a career as a Salesforce Consultant is a wise investment of time, money, and effort.

As previously said, credentials are necessary for establishing a solid and rewarding job as a Salesforce Consultant. We offer Salesforce Consultant certifications and all the features required to bridge the gap between learning and certification at saasguru. If you have chosen Salesforce Consultant as your prospective career, start preparing for it without any further delay.

Step into a promising future as a Salesforce Consultant. Good Luck!

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