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Some Tips to Make Your Website More Social

The conventional method of using a CMS, posting content and going for SEO seem to be passé with the origin of social friendly techniques. As a matter of fact, it is wiser to go for reliability factor instead of the salesman approach of conventional SEO. Albeit getting user-signups and subscriptions is a consequential aspect of online marketing, getting people to use your product is a far important one. Effective use of social media can be made for the multitudinous benefits discussed below.

  • Social Login: You can offer an easy login at your homepage and this can be done by integrating your webpage with a plug-in of any social network. This way a user can conveniently sign in and register without needing to register as a new user. You can boost the number of visits and subscriptions considerably through this method.
  • Share and Like: Allow the information available on your page to be shared on the personalized pages of a social network user. You can thereafter reap the benefits of your source information and page getting enhanced visibility and creating exponential traffic. People can rate, like as well as recommend your page. This is the most genuine rating a page/content can get.
  • Incorporate a structured UI: A simple UI that uses dynamic scripts instead of heavy flash components is certainly the best choice. You can incorporate plug-ins and can generate discussions wherever required. It is vital for a website to be developed in such a manner that it is easily accessible on mobile browsers as well. Applications for Android or iPhones are other effective means to make your site more social.
  • Regular Change: To make any website social, you need to be consistent with innovative changes so that the user gets something new and lively whenever a visit is made. A static page won’t fetch a good response. Adding some dynamic elements to your website can catapult the number of visits and discussions made on your page. This may involve an active and consistent maintenance of the webpage contents.
  • Use of widgets: There are a bevy of interactive widgets for your webpage that you can use to make users interact with your website. This may include widgets of news along with section for polls so that you can ask the visitors to provide a response to your piece of information. You can also add blogs and other inviting events along with other regular updates.
  • Service/Product Review: Offering sections for review of your product or service would have a substantial impact in making your website more social. People would like to read and contribute to the review sections. You will therefore get the much needed credentials for your products through unbiased user response.
  • RSS feeds: You need to make the RSS button easily available as it would help people to automate it to social networks. If these feeds get syndicated by socially active people on Facebook, twitter and other prominent social networks, then you can expect an exponential rise in the overall engagement. It can generate traffic that is more than what you can achieve via usual SEO techniques.

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